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IPOB order

Kumiyi's crusade has no effect on our sit at home because crusades start after 6pm and our general strike finishes at 6pm on the 14th of September 2018. We cannot argue that we are being denied the right to freedom of assembly by the Fulani Zoo government if at the same time we appear to be denying others the right to freely associate. Deeper Life must have planned their crusade 5 months in advance, before our 14 September 2018 general strike was announced as is customary with such events. We cannot hold them responsible for planning something many months back before the leadership decided to call for the general strike on the 14th.

The crusade will not impact our sit-at-home in any way, so every negative comment against it must stop with immediate effect.

People are entitled to choose their mode and method of worship. Biafra is about freedom and nothing else. For some people, Biafra itself is a religion but that doesn't mean we won't accommodate other methods of worship. The Biafra we are building is a free, open and tolerant society, individual rights are sacred. That includes the right for a person to worship wherever he or she desires without fear or molestation.

People can vigorously debate the issue of faith, but no attack on any religion will be tolerated. We are IPOB, our only weapon is superior argument and logic. To win people over to your side you must deploy both, not force of arms, intimidation or coercion. Only primitive societies like Arewa north use force against those dealing with issues of conscience. Biafra can never be like that. We are civilised people, some would say too civilised, to make this noble quest of ours a religious battle instead of freedom.

We Biafrans gave the world democracy, rule of law, individual freedoms and rights. It is an ancient and proud heritage IPOB intend to uphold at all cost.

We Biafrans gave the world democracy, rule of law, individual freedoms and rights. It is an ancient and proud heritage IPOB

Leave Kumiyi and his crusade alone, it will not affect our sit-at-home order.

Directorate of State of the Indigenous People of Biafra
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