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A POEM, dedicated to Biafra women arrested on Friday 17th of August, 2018 in Owerri Imo State

A Biafran woman crying after being denied bail by Owerri Magistrate court

By  Onyebuchi Eucharia .O

I saw it again
The bullying van
On pretty Friday noon
In the street of fatherland
Filled with cruel images
Dressed in uniform
And heavy boots
All armed to fit,
Drag the voices
In the street chanting
Freedom, freedom
Freedom for our son
Freedom for all,
To a great dungeon
Where hunger, whipping and beating
Smile daily in coalition

Listen, listen up
Can’t you hear it?
The voices of babies
Left to feed with
Quinine and tears
Morning, noon and evening
The tears now roll 
Like a falling rain
In search of 
The caged pot of milk
In the monster’s ship

 The mothers in cell
Are mothers to a nation
The agony of mothers
Is an agony of a nation
The molestation of mothers
Is molestation to a nation
The slap to mothers
Is a slap to a nation
The tears in mothers
Are tears of a nation

See it and feel it
If not wicked then what?
Hear it and judge it
If not slavery, is it righteous? 
Know it, speak against it,
Then you are just 

Now is time 
To look in, not away
Time to call a spade by name
Time to kiss justice
And slap injustice
Time to live and let live

Before mercy
Separate from heart
Waves cross the red sea
Burning flame escalates
From palace to mansions
And everyone
Tastes the heat and the burns
Because a beast surely
Will succumb to its 
Master’s whip
And visitors surely 
Will leave the land for the owners
And the owners surely 
 Will take over the land
 Land of Biafra  
 Land of the rising sun

 Save Biafra women

FXChoice  Support Biafra referendum

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