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BIAFRA Represents Freedom from Captivity, Must be Achieved in our Lifetime

Biafrans protesting in Europe

Written by Sunday Okafor
For Family Writers Press

It is quite obvious from the foregoing that Nigeria has been duly penciled down globally, for her involvement in horrendous crimes against humanity. Shamefully speaking, this abominable entity of a country is known principally for her relentless orchestration in the killing and maiming of helpless innocent civilians including children, youths, men, and women. A large number of promising, young Biafrans who would have impacted on the soaring re-emergence drive for the total restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra, has been gruesomely murdered by the Nigerian State without recourse to the respect of human rights and human dignity. They have been summarily eliminated for just rightly expressing their rights albeit peacefully even in the so-called democracy, for independence.

It is unfortunate that those entrusted with leadership have not yet realized the dangerous effects following such callous enterprise of a country. Nigeria, living up to her foreign and abominable name, continually remains a nightmare to associated with her. This is a name that is quite alien to even the ancestors who were forced into an unfortunate entity (contraption). This is the set time for the enlightened to awake from slumber and perceived indifference as the rightful indigenous people of the land and do the needful.

As Biafrans, our nationality can never be compromised as we behold the dangers inherent in illegal arrests, killings, molestations, victimizations and sexual assaults on our women. We must stand up and resist the power of oppression that has unleashed terror and captivity on Biafran citizens for years now. We must courageously engage the oppressors for the redemption of our generation and those yet unborn from the prevailing wickedness of the Nigerian handlers. Biafrans were unjustifiably massacred in Anambra, Enugu, Igweocha (Port Harcourt), Umuahia amongst other cities within Biafraland, for peacefully and rightly calling for self-determination. An uncountable number of the agitators were murdered in cold blood by the Nigerian armed forces. It is only in an evil enclave like Nigeria, that people are killed for clamoring for referendum/self-determination. It is in this part of the world and even in the so-called democracy, that such civil expression is criminalized.

Nigeria is undoubtedly, a contagious disease which is a disappointment to civilized society. She is a failed state that treasures in the bizarre raping of women by the Hausa-Fulani Islamists. It is a country where crimes are esteemed and sponsored by the government that is supposed to protect the citizenry.


Going through historical records, it is established that Biafrans have no traceable origin linking them to the Hausa-Fulanis whose values hinge amongst other things, on terrorism and willful termination of the life of the innocent. Prior to the amalgamation policy of 1914, the old Eastern region existed exclusively without any attachment of a foreign name. The people were forcefully merged by the British colonialists with the Northerners whose ways of lives in every ramification, are in the contrast. The North, West, and East were brought together as one without the consent of the indigenous people groups, just for the primary purpose of servicing the egocentric interests. Ever since it has been tales of woe steadily being visited upon Biafrans particularly. Nigeria right from inception has been a curse to generations and so needs to be partitioned without delay to avert further devastations.

Many lives have been wasted on the altar of oppressive policies for decades. Presently, many are reeling in helplessness and hopelessness due to the shameless inability of the Nigerian State to address damning life challenges confronting the very existence of the people. Nigeria is a country of instability,  retrogression, hopelessness, and death.

Biafrans have been at the receiving end since the inception of this evil and damnable entity. The atrocious treatments meted out against Biafrans are gravely unbearable. No sane individual will desire to have his/her abode in a country such as this, where human lives, rights and dignity are not valued. The innocent are being criminalized and unjustly eliminated. The people are daily traumatized by the evil wave of Islamic terrorism and policies. The Nigerian government and it's British slavemasters through the instrumentality of outright/peaceful/acceptable referendum should allow unfettered freedom for the Indigenous People of Biafra. The people should be allowed to exit this captivity of many years from this concocted entity of dehumanization called Nigeria.

Self-determination is a right under International laws for all oppressed indigenous people groups the world over and must be respected.


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