BIAFRA: The Existence Of Sycophant ELDERS, A Hydra-Headed Evil That Must Be Conquered .

 Written By Chika Fidelis

 For IPOB writers

Date :12/08/2018


I stand with both hands raised in shame and total bewilderment on the height of treachery, betrayal, lies, and sabotage that characterize the personalities of the so-called Igbo elders and leaders in Biafra land. The reason I am more ashamed than any other man of conscience is that it is in Igbo land and, of course, in Biafra land that I see elders who have sworn to destroy the future of their younger generation for their own selfish gains. What I see in the life of an average political elder today is greed, envy, selfishness and shamelessness bringing to a complete death of the age-long Igbo philosophy that says ‘EZI AHA KA EGO’, which when translated means ‘Good Name Is Better than Money’. This, of course, was the bedrock of a typical Igbo man’s integrity but unfortunately this jewel was lost during the civil war when Chief Obafemi Awolowo and General Yakubu Gowon introduced food blockade as a weapon of winning the war thereby starving millions of innocent Biafrans, women, and children to death and as a result of hunger people were forced to accept money and food bribes to reveal to Nigerian soldiers the locations of the Biafran forces; brothers began to sell brothers in other to survive. That was how a very decent nation called Biafra as a matter of consequence lost her pride and then joined the class of pigs and slaves.

The war eventually was over and the lives of the indigenous Biafrans were preserved by the divine intervention of God Almighty, Eze Chiukwu Okike Abiama (The God of Abraham) who defied all odds to keep his people alive because after the war the Biafrans were left with nothing than misery, pains and agonies and traumatic memories of their children, husbands and wives - brutally murdered - as well as their homes, churches and markets completely razed during the war. The status of the Biafran people was converted to that of slavery and marginalization decorated with complete neglect of the Eastern region by the successive governments in power since the end of the war till date. The whole resources come from the Easter Region but no developmental projects are considered for the very region that owns these resources. 

The Biafra people are subjected to complete humiliation, killings, and intimidations on daily basis thereby making fears a way of life in Biafra land.

A very unforgettable evil created by the British through the Nigerian government is the divide and rule policy which gave rise to the seed of division planted among the peaceful people of Biafra by telling the various clans in Biafra land that the Igbo man is their problem - that the Igbo man is seeking to dominate them - but the foolish thing about this their mantra is that those clans accepted this evil gospel and began to visit the Igbo man with utter hatred and rancour. So these plunderers succeeded and had their way to subjugate us, taking over our land and the resources therein. 

There is not even one man to speak up for his people, what a shame! For all this long the people of Biafra have been without credible leaders, all we see are political jobbers who parade themselves as leaders. These sets of people have organized themselves into socio-political groups like the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, PANDEV, South-East and South-South governors forums, and in fact the politicians in NASS etc, with their own selfish agenda as the most paramount. All of these classes of elders are only relevant to the government who use them as puppets by offering them peanuts and in turn, they will sell the collective aspirations of their people leaving the masses to languish in poverty and penury.
I would like to point out the fact that these so-called elders and political leaders in Biafra land have been without meaningful purpose for quite a very long time. I shed tears when I watched a video clip of a representative member from western Cameroon, addressing the parliament and the speaker of the house on behalf of the Amazonian people, I cried because it was clear that we do not have even one of his kind in Biafra land, I cried because it was clear that the people in the national assembly do not represent us but themselves and their families only. I cried because it is our own representatives that endorse and invite the government to increase our sufferings and trigger our killings; our elders and political leaders are our problems and the reason we are suffering and dying in our own land. What a big shame!

It is, therefore, a big shock to me that after God in his infinite mercy showed concern for the people of Biafra and their sufferings by bringing his elect Prince Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to lead the Indigenous people of Biafra to their freedom. But these so-called elders instead of applauding and supporting this young, honest and vibrant son of theirs who has undertaken to do what they all dreaded and avoided to do, decided to sell him off to be killed. 

They invited the government and endorsed the invasion of the home of this innocent man as well as the killing of hundreds of Biafran youths in the name of operation python dance II on the 14th of September 2018.
The most painful aspect of all these is that these evil elders and leaders do not want to stand for the people they claim to represent, they do not want those who are willing to stand for the people to succeed and worst still they have refused to die.

The fact that these elders have taken the part of treachery, betrayal, and sabotage in the Biafra restoration project has made the leadership of IPOB and, in fact, every Biafran youth and activist to maintain a distance and also assume a position of enmity with these elders and this has led to a very serious demarcation erected with war of words against these elders.

The behaviors of these elders are completely unacceptable to IPOB because it understands the position of these elders who appear to support the issue of restructuring of the Nigerian state. But the question here is this, "before the emergence of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, were these people asking for restructuring? The answer is ‘NO’. They simply came up with this campaign just to destroy Nnamdi Kanu’s campaign for the total restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra, in their usual style they became the agents of the government to destabilize the restoration effort. Of course, they can not succeed, hence, they devised another strategy this time involving a well-respected elder that they know IPOB respects too, in the person of professor Ben Nwabueze to broker peace and reconcile Ohaneze Ndi Igbo with IPOB in order to form a common front to tackle the issue of the restoration of Biafra. This idea was considered by IPOB as good but to be sure that it is dealing with a changed people, IPOB presented some conditions that must be complied with if truly Ohaneze Ndi Igbo wants to work with IPOB, such prerequisites as de-proscription of IPOB in the South- East and South-South states, making a public request of the government and their military to provide the leader of IPOB, prevailing on the Federal government to de-list IPOB as a terrorist group and tendering unreserved apology to the people of Afara Ukwu community for the humiliation meted to them by desecrating their traditional ruler and the stool. These conditions were very simple if actually Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and all other leaders in Biafra land were innocent of the invasion of the home of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as well as the operation python dance II but because they are still insincere and full of betrayal, they also manifested such by failing to abide by the request put forward by IPOB and that, of course, forced IPOB to cancel in fullness any other meeting with these so-called elders.

The truth is that the more I try to figure out the cause of these devilish characters of our elders and politicians, the more I get consumed in perplexity and disorientation. I make bold to say that as long as these elders are still living, they remain a hydra-headed evil and problem to the restoration effort. It is, therefore, very pertinent to note that they should be completely blotted out, whatever thing it will take to get rid of them should as a matter of urgency and need be done because they are simply useless and should be considered as such.



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