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Dear Mr. Kenneth, I am particularly worried about your inability to reason well and deeper as was displayed in your film, "LIVING IN BONDAGE" when you were easily deceived by your friend Paulo. In fact, I was among those that believed it was just a film but my chagrin is that your alliance with Buhari has confirmed that you are actually a very gullible human by nature that lacks the ability to reason deeper to understand the viability of people's ideas and opinions before accepting them. I have come to realize that you do not have good understanding skills.

I like to say that your problem is just political exuberance​. The fact that you were able to pick a form and filled it and then submitted it to contest for the governorship election has rendered you so intoxicated that you have lost all sense of reasoning to the extent that you now believe that the Igbos should join you in following a sinking man, a man that has even been rejected by his own people as well as the gods of the land.

Before I proceed, I like to know how much you have been offered by the tyrant you are shouting for because I am certain that you are not Sylvester Stallion that made real Cash from acting, yours is not like that because you are supposed to be exhausted after paying for the form and maybe printing some posters, so tell us how much you have been offered to come out to disgrace yourself by betraying your people.

My greatest surprise is that you are doing this at a time when even fowls in the streets have known that BUHARI is the major sponsor of all the killings against the Christians and the Biafrans in particular, you are doing this at a time when you as a lawyer, according to your claims, have witnessed Buhari's recklessness with Power as manifested in his lack of respect for the rule of law and worst still you are doing this after seeing that this bloodsucker has been abandoned by his own people. 

I am well convinced that something is wrong somewhere, there is every indication that you may have just realized that your rightful father is from the North. This is quite possible because most men from Enugu State have Northern fathers because of the numerous incidences of rape and forced marriages that resulted from the civil war of 1967-1970. I think there is a problem with your "Igbo-ness", there must be Hausa Fulani blood in you.

I want to ask if you are aware of Buhari's history before telling the Igbos of how they will wallow in the wilderness if they fail to vote Buhari in 2019. In the first place, where have the Igbos been since the creation of the contraption called Nigeria? Is there any other wilderness worst than where the Igbos are now? Where were you when Buhari took over power in 1983 and how did he help the Igbos better than sending Alex Ekwueme to life imprisonment, sentencing Mrs. Inyama a crippled Igbo woman to death? How has Buhari treated the Igbos in his current leadership? By making sure that no Igbo man is relevant in the present political dispensation?

It is quite obvious that you are part of this killing conspiracy in the country now because your support for Buhari is exactly a support for more killings and shedding of innocent blood. I can now see the reason you openly said that Biafra is dead. 

At this point I like to drop the following messages for you: Biafra is alive and even here now with you, so it is very important you begin now to prepare for yourself a place to be when Biafra is finally announced - which actually is in no distant time. 

I also like to remind you of what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the prophet of our time and our supreme leader said: "any Igbo man that serves the Northern slave Masters must come back with shame".  Just watch Ike Ekweremadu, the latest to be humiliated, and await for your own turn, for, surely, it must come.


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