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Biafra: Fellow People of Old Eastern Region Listen to Voice of Liberation

The people of Biafra gathered during a May 30th heroes day remembrance

FXChoice By Ebei Ibi
For IPOB Writers

Referendum of Biafra will free us from perpetual poverty and isolation.

Referendum of Biafra will take us to our original and eternal Promised Land.

Referendum of Biafra will enable us to control our God-given resources, to be utilized, maximized and shared for the benefit of our people.

Referendum of Biafra will transport us out from Lord Lugard's and British manufacturing company called Nigeria.

Referendum of Biafra will expose Biafrans' God-given talents that have been inhumed to the world.

Why sit here till will all die, let us move  Referendum for Biafra, which will help to be free and get to our destination which is our promised kingdom of Biafra.

With wisdom, love, unity and oneness Referendum of Biafra is here.

Referendum of Biafra is a must to be accomplished.

Darkness and Light have nothing in common, let us come together and liberate ourselves from the shackles of the hell called Nigeria.

Comrades, let us kick the ball of Referendum rolling today.  Preach  the gospel of Referendum to everyone around you today - your friends, brothers, mothers, fathers, colleagues, etc

All Hail United State of Biafra, a Virgin, undiluted and unadulterated Country.

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