| Published Wednesday, 29 August 2018 | 13:4GMT

 Poetic Justice: Because no one cares

by  Okoroafor Onyekachi

Biafrans children

Thousands moon past
Have been enslaved, my blood testified 
All hope to make a better living with them
By convincing me that I belong to their holy family

My heart filled with countless agony
Seeing myself parading with that purified color 
That led my father and twin brother to early home
I bleed in tears because no one cares 

Yes have seen my father's courage and weakness 
Have seen his signs and strength  smiling at me
Like a higher bird in captive 
I sang in tears because no one cares 

Going to the street seeking for one's favor
They denied my pleadings 
My mum went with a leg that had been cut off 
With no arms only with her begging plate 
And couldn't return

Am silent in words, pure in heart
Not when my mum is yet to return home
Who will make my sawdust a better meal
I dare not keep quiet any more

Have dragged me to your stream 
Have also forced me to drink
Waiting for a better journey
And it begins here and now

This is a price I must pay
If I must pull off this holy slave cloth  
Put on my blue array- giving cloth
Because they have invited me to this live war
There will be no retreat and no surrender
If I must put on my victory cloth. 

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