| Published Wednesday, 29 August 2018 | 12:53GMT

            A song of freedom

Biafrans protestingù

Sing a song of peace 
Take it to the streets
Seas and air
Let all living creatures 
Dance and cherish 
This freedom song 

Umu Biafra
We take it to the streets
With agitation, 
Peaceful demonstration 
Seeking self-determination 
Total freedom 
Through referendum 

Umu Biafra
We say no to one nation 
Presidency at our foot
No restructuring 
We want to go and nothing but it
A call for freedom not a call for war
We must go to praise our heroes 

Thousands lost their lives
Many were injured 
Detained and tortured 
Wiping away their tears
Calls for total  freedom 
For their sake 
We must restore our lost new nation 

Say know to slavery
Tribalism, ethnicism 
Order of the day
We bleed in tears 
Seeing ourselves 
Dancing in captivity

Umu Biafra 
This is time to go home 
Let's go and worship true living God
Even our cultures we abandoned 
Take it to streets this good news
Tell them we seek freedom
 A right that can't  be taken away
Total freedom through a referendum. 

Okoroafor Onyekachi.

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