Nigeria Now Shadow Of Its Former Self – CAN 

IPOB Writers 

Date : 13/07/2018


 The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, on Wednesday rounded up its 3-day fasting and prayers for a positive change in the nation, saying it’s a shameful thing that Nigeria is now a shadow of its former self. CAN President, Rev. Samson Ayokunle said that a divine intervention was needed in order to tackle insecurity, economic hardships and mutual distrusts which now rock the nation. Speaking to reporters after the nationwide prayer for the nation in Abuja, Rev. Ayokunle, also said the Nigerian churches were united in its quest for what is in the best interest of the nation. He said, “When anything is beyond you, you take it to God. He has enjoined us to pray for those in government and for the nation. “What we see today is not the Nigeria we knew. The Nigeria of the past was a nation of peace and prosperity. Our country is now becoming a deserted land; a place of killings and bloodshed. “Those who knew the past and now see the present are ashamed. Nigerians are embarrassed abroad because of Boko Haram and killer herdsmen. “We want to see a change and we are taking it to God. The church is united, together, and wants the best for our nation.”


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