Benue Governor Impeachment: Hold Buhari Responsible If Law And Order Breaks Down in Benue - M/Belt & Southern Leaders

Gov. David Ortom,  Governor of Benue State

The attention of Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum has been drawn to the barring of fangs and instigation of anarchy by the  General Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government in Benue State.

It has been reported that a ruthless and desperate plot was hatched this morning which involved drafting policemen from Abuja and neighbouring states to force the majority 22 members of the State Assembly out of the Assembly complex to pave way for the impeached Speaker,Hon Terkimbi Ikyange and six others to sit.

The gangsteric operations which was said to have been led by Benue  State AC OPS,Emmanuel Adesina saw the minority members sitting without the mace and the clerk of the Assembly, suspending the majority 22 members and serving impeachment notice on Governor Ortom.

It is shameful that President Buhari who realised after about four months that  his Inspector General of Police did not obey his directive to go and secure lives in Benue State and has done nothing to him is so eager to deploy policemen to the State to enforce illegality for political  calculations.

We are worried that till date the President and his security team have yet to bring anybody to book for the killing of hundreds of people in Benue.They have only been putting pressure on the governor to suspend the anti-open grazing law and cede land for imperialistic and land -grabbing notion of ranches.
It is equally embarrassing that a supposed democratic government would resort to thuggish tactics where political engagement is needed.

This is a throwback to full blown dictatorship and the dark days of putting   human beings in crate.
We want to let President Buhari know in advance that he will be held  responsible for any breakdown of law and and order in Benue and any possible loss of lives .
We call on the international community to pay particular attention  to the on-going  subversion of the democratic process in Benue by the Buhari government.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Benue at this dark moment as evil walks on four legs across their state.
They must not flinch or surrender as this shall come to pass .

Yinka Odumakin
South West

Senator Bassey Henshaw
South South

Prof Chigozie Ogbu
South East

Dr Isuwa Dogo
Middle Belt  - Hope For Nigeria


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