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The Sustained Fulani Combined Psychological & Experimental War, A Grand Occupation Plan

Date: 29-06-2018
By Alex C. Okeke
IPOB Writer's Press

A prophecy by Dr. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Worldwide, wherein he says " as they campaign vigorously for elections, you would think, they are coming to grow the economy, enthrone justice, breed unity, and tolerance, love for one another. No, they are coming to Elevate Hausa-Fulani supremacy, to reposition the security agencies by sacking all competent hands and replace them with their kinsmen to drive their ethnic Domination, the Fulani herdsmen will be Armed and Encouraged to slaughter you with impunity, and their masters will protect them. They are coming to ensure that you are enslaved forever. Those who do not, believe me, will soon see it happen before their eyes.” on this day 6th Feb 2014.

There is absolutely No foreseeable end to the growing insanity to hit everyone into one corner. It is, as a matter of fact, a strategic plan for the total enthronement of Hausa-Fulani dominance in what is left of Nigeria the British company. If anyone is thinking in any way that the conspicuous conspiracy would stop halfway, that person may have to run some psychoanalytic test. The several press release by the Fulani Nationality movement Worldwide and the obvious stance of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, have also made open, their ancient conspiracy to ensure an absolute actualization of their heritage of occupation from Uthman Dan-Fodio, their grandfather. The killings all across the length and breadth of Nigeria and the following threats of arrest and intimidation into silence are marked and approved strategic plans that shall never be forfeited for anything in their campaign for the total occupation of Nigeria.

However, Those who dare dream to achieve success must be able to learn from history. A saying has it 'that those who fail to learn from history are bound by its ignorance, to repeat the mistakes of the past. Vise Versa. Those who learn from history shall remain leaders in their various fields of enterprise. The Fulanis have so far shown how intelligible they can be, by applying principles that achieved successes in the past. Fulanis have shown mastery of their chosen career. Aguiyi Ironsi was defeated because he continued to display such risible characters of ever trying to please the entire Nigerians. The more push on him, the more he tried to show that he meant well and therefore entertained No discriminations, he went as far as calling people of other ethnic groups in the military to sit close, even when matters of huge security importance are brought to him. The Fulani and their collaborators saw leverage on that singular weakness and launched their counter-coup. Finally, Aguiyi Ironsi was killed because he was too weak to learn from history. All the people around him were his own enemies because he failed to assert wisdom in his bid to prove a point of unity.

The Fulanis, a population of about six million people (6 million), are evidently winning the battle of supremacy contest against other Nigerians of Bigger ethnic population approximately 150 million. The Fulanis, who by virtue of their minority population, who are supposed to be scared of other Nigerians have ended up instilling fears into Nigerians of a larger ethnic population. They have achieved this success by continuing the spree of killings without any conspicuous shred of fear of genocide nor of being rounded up by these mammoth population, arguably under some form of hypnotic influence of confusion and silence. The game of reverse psychology from the Fulanis is working evidently very perfectly on the psyche of the rest of Nigerians, from the middle-belt to Western and Southern Nigeria at large. These victims of the ancient mandate of butchery from the Fulanis have remained as risible as this sounds, the major defenders of the Fulani online after each successful series of killings. The Fulanis, having observed that Nigerians will retire to default, after a stint of time, of online and mental and verbose and verbal condemnations of any new massacre across Nigeria, have also leveraged upon that to continue without much brainstorming on strategy plan, to unleash bigger carnage with reckless abandon across Nigeria. 


What have you, who is reading this context analysis done on your own part to avert this very horrendous carnage from spreading into your own territory, knowing fully well of the supportive stance of the federal government of the Fulani in Aso-Rock towards the growing bloodbath in Nigeria?.  Should we keep mute and watch this carnage spreading so quickly like fire get to our own doorsteps? When the issue of the disintegration of Nigeria birthed with a global campaign from the IPOB as led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it was the Christian communities and their elders, cutting across the length and breadth of Nigeria, who called for the absolute annihilation of IPOB and her members. IPOB territories within Nigeria, represents the highest Christian community of Nigerians so to say but these untutored intellectual midgets, who see anything from the flank of the old eastern region as an intolerable criminal offense, forgot karma too quickly and fought like helpless hypnotic buffoons against their supposed brethren in faith and emancipatory allies.

Have you now realized your true allies or are you down till forever until the butchery is extended completely into your own domain? Mark my words, the heat over any new killing in Nigeria often disappears within three days or a week at the maximum before the preaching of one Nigeria by the very victims of the butchery and targetted ethnic cleansing commences their saturation of the airwaves.  Nigerians are truly helpless and doomed by their existing lethargic idiocy to pass through this horrendous carnage till full implementation. Nigerian Christians must see the black goat now before the night falls.

The only ante-dote to the sustained killing campaign by the Fulani and as supported by their Lords in Great Britain, is combined efforts, towards the absolute disintegration of Nigeria. The incoming Biafra referendum must be supported by all conscientious Christian communities in Nigeria and across the globe, as that would stand as the launch pad for the total enthronement of social Justice, equity, fairness and respect for the sanctity of the human life across the stretch of the sub-Saharan Africa and Africa at large. Biafra shall serve as a voice to all voiceless Christian communities Worldwide and the safest haven for all Christians Worldwide.

#Support-Biafra-exit #SupportBiafra-ReferendumNow

A second part shall follow shortly.
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