Friday 07 April 2018

Biafra:Voice of freedom-A Poem

The voice,

Filtered in the air,

Like sweet melody song,

Singing in various tones!

Freedom, freedom,

Freedom for those killed!

Freedom for those living!

Freedom is due!

Freedom appeases souls!

Of the oppressed

Of the depressed!

In prison for age long

For no crime but freedom!

The melodic message

Sounded like the story

Of a massacred nation!

A nation of proud warriors!

The ancestral home

Which my fathers, men of valor!

Stood and sang for, day and night!

The land, for which my fathers

 Fought and died for

Under sun and rain!

Hunger and pain!

A fight of ages

And of many sorrows

A tearful gift

Offered to a nation

Blockaded, air, land and sea!

Ignored to kiss death

Ow! what a World!

The voice,

Melodiously chorused!

Rise up, rise up!

Wise men of the East!

Men of great valor!

Defend your land!

Great land of the risen sun!

Speak to the world!

In craft and wisdom!

The story of the past

In west African soil

At the trigger of the Gun!

Where the sun rises!

Marked the exact spot

Millions of men slaughtered!

As in flocks of sheep,

Taken to abbatoir in merriment

But No! not merriment!

But To appease white gods

The evil Britannica!

The evil Babylonia!

Thirst for black blood

The blood of great Africans

Preferred for a sheep!

The blood, not born a slave

But becometh a slave,

 In their father land!

A prey, in the muggers’ hand

For singing a song of freedom

In their land, the father land!

Listen, listen!

The voice cried out!

Do not fade like flowers

In defense of fatherland

Whose beautiful blood

Flows in your veins

The blood of integrity

The blood that values

 Human life and dignity

Filled with integrity

The blood filled with

Intellect and creativity

The craft hand of mother Africa!

Oh…yes, I saw wisdom,

To cherish the land

I saw hope,

To long for the land

I saw safety,

To leave in the land

Far from daggers

And blood suckers

Lies and impunity

Humanity and impunity!

The time of it, is now!

To stand for the truth!

To condemn the evil

To slap the injustice

And wear the rope

The very colourful rope

Made of green and black

Red and yellow

To everywhere in the world

In the street, in bridges

Waving the beautiful colors!

To strive and pray for freedom

Freedom of Biafra

Freedom for the entire black race

Save Biafra, save Africa

Biafra, land of the rising sun

All Hail Biafra.

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia



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