Referendum is a democratic means of ascertaining  people's opinion and their choices on a particular burning issue. It could result to a massive vote of 'YES' in the affirmative or 'NO' in the negative. The general benefit of a referendum is giving back the power and right of choice and decision to the ordinary man on the street, who collectively form the electorate. It douses any raging campaign over a period of time and creates room for larger cohesion and broader consensus.

In the year 2014, Britain settled the yearlong campaign by the people of Scotland for self-rule through a referendum. The Scots went to the poll but failed to get the needed affirmative for the predetermined self-rule. This failure to get the needed 'YES' from the larger Scottish demography as a prerequisite to a breakaway Scotland from the British Union did not force Britain to encourage sanctions against the Scots and her people nor did the failure stop the Scottish activists from reengendering and Reenforcing for another round of campaign and eventual referendum, which shall take place soonest. In all these, what the whole World sees is the beauty of democracy and growth of civilization. Africans and Nigeria have a great lesson in all these great testimony.

Referendum is very healthy and wise, the most peaceful approach to resolving a conflict.
It gives people a sense of belonging and opinion  over their affairs, it is a call to action and responsibility. A civil and inalienable right of any human society and an obligation to the population.

Every civilized country across the globe always adopt this approach to get a lasting solution to any political conflict.
But the case of Africa has been different for  tens of decades now.

The wars witnessed in Burundi,Eritrea, Sudan ,Liberia ,Somali and  many other War-scorched African States could haven been aborted if  the approach of Referendum  was  considered and applied in resolving such disagreement. If the opinion of the aggrieved masses were given attention, many deaths could have been averted in those states and many others.
As it stands now, the decision is on the shoulder of the African Union to take the lead in seeing to the success of the proposed Biafra  referendum. As the mother body of all the African States, the well being of every African States should be the major concern of the African Union.

Haven noticed that the United Nations (UN) has failed to call to order the Nigerian government, and apply measures to peacefully dissolve the expired enclave of diametrically opposed nationalities(Nigeria) , it therefore falls as an exclusive responsibility on the African Union (AU), to rise to the occasion,   speak up and be more empirical in her approach to resolving this pending danger that will soon result to war without end in Nigeria.
However, There are thousands of benefits that can be gained from Biafra by other African States  should AU support and see that this referendum is a peaceful and successful one.

    Africa And Biafra
should there be a war in Nigeria, other African countries will be faced with hunger ,starvation,diseases etc ,because the war will spread across borders but should AU support and see to the  success of the Biafra forthcoming referendum, Biafra as the pride of Africa with so much Technologies and intellectuals will pull African States out from belonging to third world countries to first world continent.

The natural resources that are commonly scattered across Biafra    land can be of immense benefits to other African States , through the consolidation of the already established and existing free and  regional trade zones across African.

The high death toll and diseases plaqueing Africa unattended will be reduced because there will be integration of medical /health professionals who will work together to tackle any diseases  attacking the African populace.

It is therefore, a clarion call to the Great African Union, to seize this  great opportunity and build a lasting and commendable  legacy for the pan-African body, in rewriting the wrongs and errors of so many centuries, and set the record straight by supporting Biafra referendum with all they have.

#SUPPORT BIAFRA REFERENDUM#  Now and save mother-Africa from another round of deaths!


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