Biafra: Joy As IPOB Achara-Layout Zone-2 Continues Her Campaign For Biafra Referendum

Written by  Alex C. Okeke 

 IPOB Writers

  Date: 23/04/2018


Enugu - The Family members of the Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) Achara-Layout zone 2, has once again on Sunday the 22nd of April continued in a more absolute and resolute fashion to buttress her willingness and readiness in the pursuit of the freedom of the Republic of Biafra from the occupying government of the fraudulent Republic of Nigeria, the failed British experiment.

In what can be judged as a never relenting stance by the zonal members of Achara-layout 2, the members did, in a more passionate and resolute display of formidability, assemble at the venue of the day's meeting, with heavy chants of various BIAFRAN-freedom songs as they added even more glamour and color to the rally by their display of various materials symbolic of the Biafran restoration movement as led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, The great!

Interviewing the zonal leader of Achara-Layout 2, Mazi Magnus Ibeh on the essence of the rally, the man, whose name has been replaced by the now more 'Famous' catch accolade 'IGWE BIAFRA', a famous electronics engineer,  said, "We have gathered to reinstate our commitment to the IPOB leadership as led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we are stating without equivocation or mincing of words that Biafra Referendum remains a must! Our gathering in line with our resolve for the freedom of Biafra via Referendum is a sacrosanctity that stands out to defeat any argument or machinations or the dark Worlds of Nigeria and all her cronies Worldwide"

"We are by this worthy gathering calling on all the people of Biafra, both within our immediate vicinity and the World at large to arise so we could collectively take what is truly ours without further waste of time within the authority of the enemies. We have suffered all sorts of degrading inhumane atrocities from people we are far better than by all indices. Biafra Referendum is already few inches away, as is the freedom and restoration of the lost sovereignty of Biafra.

"We must shun unnecessary political correctness and criminal adjustment to the gallery and take what is ours, now that we have truly worked for it. Biafra restoration project is an ordained mission from the highest 'Ezechukwuokikeabiama' and thus, must be accomplished"

Other people at the venue of the rally were not left out in the drive to voice out their resoluteness and readiness to have liberty, which only Biafra can guarantee to Biafrans! It was indeed an atmosphere of gusto, display of brevity as is encapsulated in the famous  IGBO 'mantra' of 'Igwe bu Ike'!

The event, having successfully delivered its message about the readiness of the Zonal members, to invest their decision to match words with action in the ongoing referendum campaign, which is massively sweeping across the length and breadth of this very planet Earth, and which also witnessed a global attention at the just concluded Common Wealth meeting in London by the London members of the largest mass movement in this very planet Earth(IPOB) as led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was wrapped up in the Achara-Layout Zonal rally with brothers merriment with well prepared  victuals.

"Our mandate is Biafra, our decision is Biafra, our destination is Biafra",
The zonal members jointly echoed in a brotherly accord "We call upon the government of the US, Russia, Israel, China, France and members of the European Union, to rise to the occasion of setting Biafrans free from a despotic, despondent, criminal, bloodthirsty, chauvinistic and vindictive Fulani administration of Muhammadu Buhari - the Genocidist - and declare a date for Biafra referendum now or grant us our freedom at once, seeing that maiming, killing, ethnic cleansing has remained the Hallmark of the evil administration of Nigeria as dictated by their cronies.

#IPOB-Achara-Layout-Zone-Two says, #SUPPORT-Biafra-referendum now!


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