Monday 26 February 2018

Biafra: My Thoughts On The Insidious and Pseudo-package Called BBC Igbo service

Author: Alex C. Okeke
For: IPOB Writers

It is abundantly stupid, callous, criminal, inhumane, inconceivable, irritating, offensive, deceitful, awful, trouble-seeking, annoying and dreadful for the British government and her co-conspirators and accomplices, to think that the best way to make reparations and show empathy and remorse over her massive involvement in the atrocious genocide that saw the avoidable death of more than six million of Biafrans and IGBO in particular is through a sustained conspiracy and harbour of all manner of insidious and criminal arrangement that will only tend to keep Biafrans in subjugation, hunger, and under the primitive leadership of her willing slaves(the Hausa-Fulani) and her dubious partners.

What makes the launch of this insensitive, insidious and criminal venture so-called BBC Igbo broadcast  even more ludicrous, painful to a large extent is that it is coming from the civilized World so to say!
We as a people believe it is dangerous to drink from same chalice with people that not only orchestrated the painful genocide or ethnic cleansing of our people for oil benefits  without any provocation but also went length to implement same!

We have continued to look in awe how till today the romance between the British and the  Hausa-Fulani of the Mohammedian Emirates of the North of Nigeria the zoo has continued to grow - with impunity as their hallmark. All British envoys in Nigeria since inception of our raging campaign for freedom have continued so shamelessly to endorse Nigeria as a continuum without realising the need to at least condemn the horrendous and unprovoked killing and military highhandedness, in the general management of internal legitimate agitations.

The first approach to undertake, if the launched BBC Igbo service had any proclivity for a stretch of hands of friendship to THE GREAT IGBOS of Biafra would have been to

1) Convene an Anglo-Igbo summit and confess the British involvement in the Genocide.

2) make remorse over her massive involvement in the awful killing of BiafransBiafrans.

3) Tell the World what poisons they(British) used in poisoning our people, which recorded such a massive daily mortality rate.

4) Confess their conspiracies of silence over the 1945 , 1952 et'al Igbo massacre in Jos present day capital of Plateau state and Kano state respectively.

5) State with facts the real population of Nigerians before their distortion of figures in the 1962 Census.

6) Make restitutions to Biafrans and IGBO their targeted audience in particular, of all the theft and plunderings they have done to our natural resources, no matter how small the restitution (We maybe so kind to forgive all).

7) Tell the World the actual figure of Biafrans that died in the event of that avoidable genocide.

8) Say sorry for calling us rebels instead of Biafrans which we were thousands of years before the conceptualization of the inhumane conspiracy of partitioning, brainwashing and subsequent forceful colonization and disruption on our modest and descent history of civilization.

9) Tell our mothers sorry for the harassment they suffered prior to the Aba women riot of 1929 and for all infant death, which characterized the High mortality rate recorded during the BIAFRAN War.

10) Say sorry to all the families of Biafra that lost loved ones during that Holocaust and go ahead to officially recognize same as unprovoked Genocide.

11) Say a big sorry to present generation of Biafrans and her leadership and.

12) Go ahead to recognize the sovereignty of Biafra as an independent Republic having missed doing same several decades ago!

Without due adherence to these opinions as outlined and addition of more unlisted contents to please Biafrans, I shall like millions of intelligent Biafrans Worldwide, to continue to classify the BBC in IGBO service as not only an insidious attempt to hoodwink us all and make mockery of us before the world but also an obvious attempt to also mock and spit on our dead forebears and also our comrades who have made the eternal and ultimate sacrifices to ensure we are freed from the bondage of massacre and uncorroborated, continued marginalization and maltreatment.

In  case the British lacks information on this, but willing to get alerted on how to begin their reconciliatory approach here, they must begin by identifying with the yearning of the general population of IGBO and Biafrans in general, which remains the total emancipation and freedom of Biafra from the slave yard so-called Nigeria.

Your targeted audience, THE GREAT IGBOS are agog for their freedom from unprovoked death. The voice of the people remains the voice of the gods till this day!

The British must act quickly in amending her waned acceptability among Biafrans or risk being declared nation non-grata before the World for her ubiquity of lies and falsehoods.

And quit giving audience in any guise to any people, group or anti-Biafra organizations that are detested among IGBO and Biafrans in general.

I look out for that great day of SINCERE RECONCILIATION, between the Great Biafrans and the people of Britain!

Alex is writing with  great passion and love from Biafraland


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