Tuesday 23, January 2018

Biafra: The Spread Of Terrorism And The Role Of Nigeria, A Fact The World MUST NOT Overlook

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I am writing this piece now specifically for the particular attention of world powers like America, Britain, Russia, Germany, France, Israel and many other nations who claim to be standing for world peace through eradication of Islamic extremism and terrorism.

The point to be established in this piece is a good idea if there should be sincerity attached to the efforts made by those who claim to fight terrorism.

I am here again to remind the whole world of what IPOB has been talking about and warnings made to the world about the insincerity of Muhammadu Buhari on the issue of fighting terrorism. We have been saying it that the government of Buhari was just hiding under the guise of fighting Boko Haram to solicit for arms across the borders for the sole purpose of destroying the people of Biafra. When we were calling on the world to be vigilant on this note, no body believed us, the world did not want to listen until now and things are gradually running out of hand. The question now is this, how many people would be killed by Boko Haram before the world would be convinced that Boko Haram is the tool of the government and politicians after the Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai confirmed in his statement sometime ago that the army had done their bit in fighting Boko Haram, that it was then left for the politicians to do their own part. In that statement, he was, of course, referring to Buhari but was being careful not to call him by name. Today the Boko Haram that was said to have been defeated is still waxing strong and stronger in their evil and wicked atrocities.

Another deadly terrorist organization waxing strong is Miyetti Allah- Fulani Herdsmen. In fact, they are now even more horrendous than the Boko Haram themselves and all their ugly and evil crimes are done with impunity in the face of the same president who sent the army to crush the peaceful IPOB protesters under operation python dance 2.

Permit me to go back to the point I wanted to make else I digress off my pitch. I really would want to let the world know that it is mere waste of precious time and resources to trust Buhari to fight Boko Haram, it is also a complete show of gullibility to trust that Buhari is doing anything to stop the Fulani herdsmen from killing and maiming people instead the world should wake up and accept the truth that both Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are all working for Buhari and anyone who would say this is not true is a terrorist.

Now I have these very simple questions to ask. The first is, why is it that the government after receiving military aids from Jordan and other countries announced that Boko Haram has been defeated but Boko Haram has never for once stopped killing people on daily basis in Nigeria? The second question is, why is it that the government has continued to release Boko Haram detainees and suspects back to the society and most of them absorbed into the police and army when Boko Haram is still attacking and killing people on daily basis? My next question is, why is it that the government was quick to send military to crush peaceful IPOB PROTESTERS and also proscribed them, tagging IPOB a terrorist group but has refused to send military to fight the Fulani herdsmen that have been killing people everywhere in this country? And thirdly, why has the government refused to recognise them(Fulani Herdsmen) as terrorists even when the world has named them as the fourth most dangerous terrorist group in the world? I still have another question, why is it that it is the police that handle the menace of Fulani herdsmen but the army handles IPOB?

Have you now seen the reason why Buhari was bent on making sure that all the major and key positions are occupied by his Fulani brothers: they judge, they sentence and they execute.  When radio BIAFRA LONDON was airing the details of Abuja Declaration 1999 and the conversation between Alhaji Adamu Farouk and Kunle, nobody believed it was true but everything contained in that conversation has been completely confirmed to be true and that is the reason the West should not take this article as a mere piece of propaganda, it should be taken seriously and as a matter of urgency the world should mark Buhari closely otherwise you might think that it is Iran that will spread terrorism and not knowing that Buhari is the machine that would do it as he has just started it. I AM HERE NOW TELLING AMERICA AND THE OTHERS THAT BUHARI IS THE BRAIN BEHIND WHATEVER BLOODSHED IN NIGERIA, WHETHER BY BOKO HARAM OR BY FULANI HERDSMEN; ALL THE WORLD NEEDS TO DO IS TO SETTLE DOWN AND STUDY HIS ATTITUDE AND REACTIONS AND SEE THE TRUTH, AND THIS TRUTH IS THAT THE PLANNED JIHAD HAS JUST BEGUN.

Buhari is just paying lip service to the issues on ground. Using unassured promises to deceive people into believing that he wants to end killings.

The fact remains that Buhari cannot stop the Fulani herdsmen because they are working for him. If you watch carefully you will notice that Buhari would send the police if the herdsmen are the ones killing people but the moment there is reprisals he would quickly send army and they only go to assist the herdsmen to finish the killing. Was it not the army that aided the herdsmen to finish people in the Jos killings of last year? I am only calling on the world to wake up before it is too late. It is not only Iran that will spread terrorism, Nigeria is doing that more perfectly and even faster.

Writtenp by CK Fidelis 
For IPOB writers


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