The Media War: Radio Biafra Poses To Step Up Its Dominace In Broadcast into Biafra Air Wave. A Move To Support $1.5 Million Fm Relay Station installation Project (The End)

.Author; Aham Gecentgrace
.IPOB Writer


Urgency has come to sleep with all IPOB families. Irrefutable facts have been proven that we are at war of media dominance and superiority with enemies of Biafra restoration. Necessity entails, we must rise up to the occasion in all our media platforms. In particular, the Broadcasting service offer by Radio Biafra London, South Africa ( Hello Motherland), USA 1 & 2. Every effort must be geared towards them. People should come up with more didactic programs, pieces of information exposing the atrocities the evil Government of Nigeria has perpetrated. Biafra artists should fasten their belts in waxing songs, talk shows, the playlet, advertisements etc to support our charismatic broadcasters.

Above all, kudos to the leadership of IPOB for approving complete installations of Radio Biafra FM Relay stations in both coastal and hinterland regions of Biafra land, a project, I tagged "Operation FM Relay stations "( OFRS). OFRS ascertains that RB signals or electromagnetic waves generated during life or delay Broadcast are uninterruptedly received 24hrs with Transistor radios in anywhere in Biafra land including remote areas. The project is money spilling. It is estimated to cost $1.5 million in each Biafra state/ province.

In conclusion, duty calls, it is a task that must be accomplished. All IPOB members are prospected to support OFRS with their logistics. It is a contribution to generational freedom. Your contribution is welcome, no matter how little.

It's all about media war of supremacy, we cannot afford to lose out, and hook this golden opportunity to gain our freedom or forever remain slaves in British contraption,  Nigeria. Can we?


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