The Media War: Radio Biafra Poses To Step Up Its Dominance In Broadcast Into Biafra AirWave - A Move To Support $1.5 Millon Fm Relay Station Installation Projet.
(Part 3) 

 .Author. Aham Gecentgrace

 .IPOB Writer 



Education associates with Radio Biafra under the command and control of Leadership of IPOB are the pursuit of sound mind. It powers and empowers. Buhari, NBC and saboteurs' inability to liquidate or dominate the Broadcasting pace of RB and ensure that the education is a miscommunication and misconception is their worst nightmare. It is not even the reality of Biafra restoration that gives them concern, rather, it is the Master keys ( secret knowledge) that unlock the padlocked chains of Slavery on Biafrans that are being handed to them for their total freedom on daily basis through sustainable RB Broadcast and IPOB enlightenment campaign. The hidden knowledge is unveiled and Biafra is a reality. RB is a blasting red-hot spear piercing their consciences. Sleeplessly, their worries geometrically multiple beyond salvage.

Again, Buhari and his cohorts are applying their last resort, dicing, maybe to be lucky this time. They pump, spread, splash, and dangle billions of money in hard currency to various media outlets in the British killing machine known as Nigeria and their counterparts abroad such as their intel propaganda horn speaker, BBC and fake radio biafra faceless operators, to intensify media blackmails against RB/ IPOB ideology. So, that Biafra ideology will be misconstrued and misrepresented in the society. This can only take hold if we IPOB go sleeping.

The first and most active step in winning a battle of ideology is not by military might. It is in media. This is the cogent fact, We IPOB must strongly take serious, proceed to determine and prolong the media agenda on all fronts and platforms for the Islamic Republic of Nig. Otherwise, Biafra will be a mirage and misnomer and date for our coming referendum will be encumbered.

More conscientious mindsets need to be awoken to support our course, and one way this can be inevitably achieved is through media education.


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