Monday 04 December 2017

Free Biafrans And Witness The Seven Wonders Of The World In Africa - A Response To Buhari's Failure 

IPOB Members In Their Large Numbers

Clueless Buhari's Govt will always have excuses to give for its failures like a bad carpenter that always quarrels with his tools.

Presently, the unitary system of Nigeria's government in Federal disguise obliges FG to provide jobs, since it abhors true federalism or regional political mechanism that ensures thriving entrepreneurship healthy competitions among federating units or regions

Besides, the system makes it Paramount that it is also the duty of FG to enact achievable profitable economic policies, provides reliable security and professional independent workable judiciary system to attract foreign investors and boast enabling business environment.

Good infrastructural development is necessary, smooth motorable roads, uninterrupted power supply, treated water supply etc are needed to facilitate primary, secondary and tertiary productions and distributions to the final consuming points. Prima facie, The factors are enough to create viable, payable and employable sectors to the masses. But sadly and disappointedly they are lacking in no small measure and irredeemable extent in Nigeria. A mark of a hell state.

Before the devastated genocidal war against Biafrans by evil Nigeria government in alliance with their British counterpart, That is in the days of regionalism govt ( fiscal/true federalism). Development was real and not on media, government presence was felt, economy progressed, factories and industries​ were located and localized and they enjoyed economies of scales. Captains of industries, proprietors or entrepreneurs of business units and so on were going to schools scouting for labor or employees. Fresh school leavers had jobs awaiting them. Dividends of passing through schools were joyfully celebrated. In fact, selective jobs were in abundance then looking for whom to man them unlike what is obtainable in the present Nigeria where graduates remain hopeless and uncertain for employment. Those heights were not achieved by magic. Rather by good economic policies, implementation, and maintenance culture from visionary and selfless Leaders/government.

The glorious future of Biafrans including one Nigerians is truncated and made blink immediately the regional system was abolished and replaced with present unitary - feudal system pseudo called federalism by backwards and incompetent Hausa Fulani military lords and political cabals.

Consequently, migrations and emigrations of Biafrans to every part of the world in search of better living agony ends in slavery condition. Libya is example

No doubt and it is factual, FG has failed and continues failing in its duties, simply because of bad, nonvisionary unqualified, clueless, bias, un-pragmatic, selfish and untrue leadership, and adoption of an unworkable system of govt in a multi-nation ( pluralistic society) contraption called Nigeria.

A lopsided system that favors the uneducated against the educated, mediocrity in place of meritocracy. All of the advantages of the Northern region, the Hausa Fulani enclave, the backward, uncivilized and illiterate tribe.

However, Since FG decides to champion and shoulder everything by itself, she should stop crying foul and meet the peoples' demands and expectations.

Whereby, FG is unable to do the magic, turn around the poor and hopeless situation in Nigeria for good. The only possible remedy for manageable living in that caliphate estate and British Lugardian garden is by restructuring the system back to regionalism. But we Biafrans no longer crave for regional government. Because More than 3milion of us have been killed and the killings have no end from 1945 till date for demanding better lives and good governance.

Free Biafrans From zoological dictatorship- the imposition of Nigeria and witness the seven wonders of the world in Africa. What FG cannot do in 60years shall be done in a flash of light by and with creative intelligence and ingenuity of industrious Biafrans

Give referendum to test our resolves, Nigeria Government will be cursed and shamed forever.

I rest my case.

By Aham Gecentgrace
For IPOB Writers


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