Biafra: Why Referendum Remains The Best Option

Biafra Flag

It is true that freedom is taken and not given. It is, even more, a truth that the zoological Republic of Nigeria will never allow the people of Biafra to go. What is clearly not possible is the arch genocidist military dictator, Muhammadu Buhari, to allow the people of Biafra to be free. These are all truism but something is very important to note and that thing remains the fact that none of the said truths has the interest of the people considered and none guarantees the peace and wellbeing of the already broken country, the abominable entity named Nigeria.

Let us believe that the person sitting in Aso Rock now is Buhari as he claims to be, it is on record that he vowed that it is over his dead body that he would allow Biafra secede and so as he finished making that statement, he got himself into coma, which  convinces me that nothing can stop Biafra from emerging.

The reason different forces come against Biafra is not any other thing but fear, the Fulani and the North are afraid because if Biafra goes, they are doomed forever because in the future they might embrace abject poverty. The Middle Belt people do not want Biafra to go because the North will finish them in a matter of-of days and take over their land. The useless and so-called elders of Biafra land chose to frustrate the coming of Biafra because they know that corruption will not be accepted in Biafra land and as such they won't be able to steal and of course they will lose their relevance completely and finally the British and other western community have been fooling the Fulani and are using them to exploit Biafra land. They know that the people of Biafra cannot be fooled the same way, have made Fulani in charge of not allowing Biafra go. These are all about the fear of losing their source of living.

The Indigenous People of Biafra have made it clear that the restoration of Biafra is sacrosanct and have proven it beyond reasonable doubt that it is either Biafra comes or we perish seeking for it and I like to say that as long as this struggle is concerned, the government has done its worst yet it could not stop the call for Biafra. The illegal and unlawful arrests and detentions,  gruesome murder and secret executions, and lately, the tagging of IPOB as the terrorist organisation were all the strategies adopted by the government to crush the restoration of Biafra but all these were not able to achieve any results instead they propelled the struggle to greater heights. The most recent national embarrassment being the recent publication of the list of global terrorist groups which conspicuously removed the proscribed IPOB from the list but while conspicuously stating that the government favoured and sponsored Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram are terrorist organisations. What a shame! The zoological Republic government said Fulani herdsmen are not terrorists while the world says they are. This shows that the government is sponsoring terrorism and this fact is indeed very clear and obvious.
Since it is certain that the people of Biafra have decided to get Biafra or perish seeking for it, then there would be no other better wisdom than to quickly organise a REFERENDUM for the Biafrans to decide where they want to be. Doing this is wonderful wisdom. It will not be good to anybody to ignore this option because when this option is neglected and as a result lost, then the next would be for the people to take their freedom by force and when this happens, the implication would mean that all the already built cities like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Enugu and indeed everything would be levelled down and after all, Biafra will still come and Hausa-Fulani will go to rebuild their cities, Yoruba will go and rebuild their own while Biafrans will be left to rebuild their own homes.  The question of who loses would be answered then, that is the reason every right-thinking person would support the Biafra Referendum now and not tomorrow because to delay this is very dangerous.

Written by CK Fidelis 
For IPOB writers


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