Biafra: Trump Moves To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital Amid Outcry From Iran


.Author: Chinedu Solomon

.IPOB  Writers

.Date 8th Dec.2017

Like a Forex trend, every violent protest in Nigeria can be predict is no news that the able and capable President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump has done that which his predecessors failed to do for decades. 

President Trump on Wednesday recognised Jerusalem as Israeli Capital. “Therefore, I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

Before now different POTUS had promised to move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in recognition of the city as Israeli Capital but weren't able to do so due to one thing or the other. Fortunately for the Israeli government, the current POTUS has sealed the decade's promises.

This development is a good news to Jews, Christians and Judeo-Christian all over the world. 

Biafrans are mostly Judeo-Christian and Jewish in religion. Their happiness may turn to sorrow if nothing is done to prevent an imminent violent protest that will emanate from Northern Nigeria. 

It has been an obnoxious culture for Northern Muslims to attack Biafrans whenever there's a disagreement between other Muslim countries and other religion. Biafrans have suffered foreign induced violence on different occasions.

In February 2006, Northern Muslims attacked Biafrans due to a caricature cartoon of Mohammed displayed in faraway Denmark. It was a bloody protest that consumed more than 38 innocent lives of Biafran people.

Biafrans are the potential target for any religious crisis, it didn't start today and may not end now. It's one of the reasons the call for Biafra restoration is gaining ground every day.

This is why every Jewish family and fellow Christians should watch Nigeria very close. The crisis in the Middle East will metamorphose to an uprising in Nigeria if adequate security measures aren't put in place. 

In the other hand, entrusting Buhari's government to protect Biafrans is like giving your enemy keys to your life. Buhari is a fundamentalist and must align with his fellow radical Muslims. A man who has sympathy for Bokoharam - the world's deadliest terror group, can do anything to solidify his Islamic fundamentalism. 

The chunk of Biafrans still living in Northern Nigeria should be on alert, the doomsday isn't very far. Radical Muslims are not happy with Trump's decision and they'll react to it if not in Israeli territory or in Northern Nigeria. 

Following the social media comments about the development, Nigerian Muslims are pained. Their anger has no bound. Their taste for the blood of Biafrans is building up and in no distance time, they'll unleash terror on Christians.

US and UK need to act fast, UN is already compromised. The Jihadists have penetrated UN and they can't protect Christians in Nigeria. 
ted by anyone who follows invents religiously. Nigeria should be placed on “security watchlist” as soon as possible.



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