Biafra: Another Deadly Blow To Buhari's Govt As New Global IPOB Admin Headquarters Opens In Germany(PART 3) 

.Author Aham Gecentgrace 

.IPOB Writer

Date : 14/12/2017


Germany is highly civilized and democratic. She is a defender of UN's inalienable right of self determination for Indigenous people. Do not be surprised that one day Germany will stand and advocate for Biafra. The last but not the least. Administration is important to push the struggle to its logical conclusion. The skilful adminstrative tendency of IPOB shows that the group comprises of intellectuals from diverse fields of life and is well organized. The assertions that IPOB is run by miscreants or jobless fellows are proven wrong. Miscreants do not think formally. I PRESENT, THE HEAD OF DIRECTORATE OF STATE (HOD) - MY TAKE Like the soul of a man is to his body, so is administration or management to an organization. The Head Of Directorate Of State (HOD) of IPOB is our Able, hardcore Biafran, Mazi Chika Edoziem (MCE), a loyalist to command and control. Being an astute administrator, with his management cadre, they see to the running of day to day affairs of IPOB from the AHQ-IPOB. The HOD is humbly committed to stewardship. As servant, he is subjected to offer the best and warm services to Biafrans and members of the public. Since, no man is an island, neither a tree cannot make a forest nor is he Mr Know All. As Administrator of Choice, he would be glad and open to consider good suggestions, pieces of advice and information, and constructive criticisms from concerned persons. Biafrans, friends and well wishers are encouraged to give HOD and his team the necessary assistance they required to excel in the work shouldered upon them, For the restoration of our dream Land , the Land Of The Rising Sun. Indeed, Our Admins are Second to none. PERTINENT / APPOSITE: ...Therefore, members of the public, gentlemen of the press, Human Rights Activists, concerned individuals, and supporters of Biafrans etc, are strongly advised to deal with the legitimate and authentic Administrative Headquarters of IPOB situated in Dusseldorf, Germany. The AHQ-IPOB has the mandate of Biafrans and is saddled with the responsibility and capacity to mediate in matters relating to Biafrans and Biafra restoration. DISCLAIMER: We make bold to state emphatically that IPOB has no embassy or Admin Quarters or subsidiary in #SPAIN or any part of the world at the moment. Any person or group of persons operating any other AHQ as HOD contrary to the one in Germany is regarded as an imposter. They are everywhere to cajole the gullible. Don't be deceived by the antics of Biafrans enemies. 

BEWARE ! PART 4: To Be Contd.


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