Biafra: Another Deadly Blow To Buhari's Govt As New Global IPOB Admin Headquarters Opens In Germany(PART 2) 

Author: Aham Gecentgrace 

IPOB Writer

Date: 13/12/2017 


Yes, indeed 9/12 was impressive for giving birth to the inauguration of a world-class Administrative Headquarters of IPOB (AHQ-IPOB). That exceptional day was victorious in the camp of genuine freedom fighting Biafrans while in various treacherous and betraying camps they were wrapped with sorrowful mood & made to sip or lick their tears dripping from their eyes to their cheeks & lips. The Administrative Headquarters stand tall in Dusseldorf, Germany above its likes, if at all any of its kind to be compared with exists. There is none. What ? Another mile stone achieved within the shortest period.

 In this struggle to restore Biafra, The siting of AHQ-IPOB in Dusseldorf Germany, has spiritual, political, social and economic significance. It connotes that:

=>BUHARI can't proscribe IPOB beyond frontiers of Nigeria. That is to say, the proscription in the contraption called Nigeria is not accepted in the Western world. Nigeria's influence in diplomatic moves is limited and can't detect the pace regarding IPOB's mission or existence in Int'l stage.

=> IPOB is legal, her mission is within the confines of the law recognized globally. 

=> IPOB's mission is unstoppable no matter the gang up against her, because it is rooted in UN charter and is a divine project.

=> The Int'l community is beaming its satellite, keeping eagle eyes on the on-going development between IPOB and the Nigerian state. It is the main reason why it didn't waste time in responding against the proscription of IPOB, and keeps reminding Buhari to respect democratic norms in dealing with the group.

=> IPOB under MNK is the sole sponsor of the movement, by collective responsibility of her members.The Members are employed, well to do and not jobless as wrongly thought by many. No political interference or sponsorship from any politician or political party such as PDP as alleged by All Progressive Congress (APC) in Nigeria.

=> The majority of people of Biafra are fade up living in Nigeria. Hence they did answer the Clarion call & determine to push on until their freedom is actualized.

=> IPOB is expanding rapidly and Biafra is closer, a little push, IPOB will cross the Rubicon between Slavery and freedom, And Biafra would be restored.

=> MNK-led IPOB is ever ready to open new AHQ anywhere in the world if the betrayal that precedes the closure and abandonment of the former one in Spain repeats itself. It can't relent in doing the needful.

PART 3: To Be Contd.



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