Biafra: Another Deadly Blow To Buhari's Govt. As New Global IPOB ADMIN Headquarters Opens In Germany (part 1)

.Author:  Aham Gecentgrace

.IPOB Writer

.Date : 13/12/2017


Waah! Far away in a civilized World where several opinions, ideas, suggestions or ideologies of individuals, people, group of people or race are counted, respected and given audience. It is not a country where one is treated with Brute Force for voicing against any government's bad policy. 
The place is so democratic that the voice of the least individual in that society is heard. It is unlike the illegal entity called Nigeria. It is in German country where illegally proscribed IPOB accorded friendly recognition to officially administer its affairs in accordance with the law.

Remember, not quite long Buhari's incompetent government proscribed and tagged IPOB, a whole nation, a terrorist People, through judicial rascality cum illegality. This is because the myopic Hausa Fulani govt ran out of the reasonable argument in litigation to counter the ideological superiority IPOB holds over them in regard to Biafra restoration as a nation, and why IPOB members no longer feel safe in Nigeria. A lot of evidence has been extracted that Biafrans are about to go extinction in the hands of the evil Nigerian government. 

Unrepentant Buhari pressures diplomatically for intel community to list IPOB as the terrorist group. In response to that, they questioned the legality of that hasty generalization and emphatically disagreed with him on that move that negates it's standard for a terrorist group. Contrary to Buhari's expectation, he was shocked. What a shocking signal?

9th of Dec, 2017 is another historical day. A day the Nigerian Government can never forget in a hurry. A day Buhari suffers another fatal punch and heart attack. To me that day was dedicated to the Germans for defending UN chatter on the inalienable right of Indigenous People. That was the day the German's govt and people of Germany demonstrated clearly that they understood the mission and right of IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK). 
They saw the need to rent out an administrative apartment to the leadership of that indomitable freedom fighting group to legally run its affairs globally, thereby despising the heavy diplomatic pressure on them against IPOB. 
Chai !, IPOB has given its enemies an incurable and deadly heart attack.

Watch out for PART 2: 




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