Friday 03 November 2017 

Buhari Set To Make The Biggest Mistake Of 2017 As He Plans Touring South East 

Dictator Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhamadu Buhari is going to make his biggest mistake of 2017 as he is planning to undertake a tour of Southeast states to improve his relationship with the Igbo.

Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha said, yesterday, that the president will be passing through Imo state to Anambra State as he visits Ebonyi state.

The governor said that his visit to the presidential villa was on how to warm Buhari into the hearts of Southeasterners.

Recall that Buhari led the troops that took on soft targets during the Biafran war of 1967-1970 in the now southeast, and destroyed markets, lives and property with bombs. Following such brutality and his dictatorial tendencies associated with his government of 1983, the whole of southeast and south-south declined to vote him in 2015 presidential election.

He has relegated southeast politicians to the back, denying them of their constitutional rights to his government but giving them insignificant ones since his assumption of office in 2015.

This is in the face of the call for a separate state of Biafra by IPOB following what they call injustice.

Following such call for independence, the polity has been heated up as a result of the force employed by the Buhari government in quelling the agitation for Biafra.

Buhari had planned in 2016 to visit south-south and southeast at different times which he declined as a result of threats from Niger Delta Freedom Fighter and southeast youths but now intends to tour the southeast to mend his battered relationship with southeast populace who are obviously upset with him, a move which may be seen by agitators of freedom in the States he is visiting as a grave mistake but which suits Gov Rochas good.

This Gov. Rochas, the mouthpiece of the President in Imo state acknowledges when he said that there is the need for Mr President to come to the Southeast as quickly as possible, “to begin to show his presence.”

“Luckily, the President will be coming to Ebonyi State, very soon and he will pass through Imo State to Anambra State.

“So, covering three states within this short time will be a right step in the right direction, because we have come to realise in the Southeast that we are better of in APC than any other party in the Federal Republic of Nigeria,’’ he said

He said, “the Southeast before now was not measuring up in APC, but we have worked out strategies and modalities on how to improve the relationship between the South East and the APC".

Although many Nigerians believe that Buhari is unfit or incapacitated to preside over the affairs of the country while others believe he is dead following his rare public appearance, Governor Rochas believes otherwise. He believes that Buhari is qualified.

He said: “The gentleman is looking much more handsome than even before he went to the hospital; he is looking stronger and so he has every right and qualifications to re-contest, there is nothing wrong at all.

“But, we don’t allow the imposition of a candidate. It must be democratically done. If President Buhari will lead the ship in 2019  and I said, democratically done, transparently (done) to the amazement of the whole world, the way we do our things in APC and people will be happy.”

By Mazi Edozie 
For IPOB Writers 


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