Saturday 04 2017


United nations must listen to the voice of over 70million Biafrans all over the universe.
Ohaneze ndi Igbo, the so called south eastern leaders and governors do not have our mandate. We are being impoverished, manipulated by them, the Hausa Fulani oligarchy are the one dictating for the so called south east leaders.

The voice of the 70 millions can never be ignored, if oil is what the comity of nations want, they should come clean and genuinely ask for that, it should not be a yardstick to stop us. The genuine quest for freedom of Biafrans can never be stopped by these murderers. Never!
Our case can never be different, the same independence that Kurdistan, Catalans, Ambazanonians, and Palestinians want is exactly what we Biafrans want.
And few greedy individuals can not speak the mind of 70 millions that genuinely want to opt out from Nigeria, because they only care for their pockets and the so called ohanaze/south east leaders can never stop us no matter their manipulative strategy.

The needful United Nations must do is to conduct and monitor referendum in Biafra land to ascertain the minds of Biafrans.
Otherwise they have automatically asked us to do our worst which will be disastrous to Nigeria and Africa as a whole. And Ohaneze, south east leaders should get ready for us because they have beaten more than they can chew.

The death of millions of Biafrans that died can only be pacified by granting us independence and if the world are in doubt of our resolved they should stand and watch this disaster take place. We want Biafra, we want our freedom, we want justice, we want equity and we want fairness just the way it was done in Catalonia.
Free Biafrans!!!

By Prince Chinonso Jacob 
For ipob Writers


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