Monday 06 November 2017 

Biafra: Uwazuruike’s Latest Accusation Against IPOB, An Act Of Desperation

Ralph Uwazuruike

The leader of BIM political party, Raph Uwazuruike unreasonably accused IPOB of recent Enugu bombing. The desperate sabotage icon has successfully found his voice again after Kaduna blunder where he was seen on the floor begging his Hausa-fulani master for sustainability of unworkable ‘One Nigeria’ union.

Recall that there was a bomb blast at coal-camp polling unit in Enugu on Saturday 4th, Nov 2017, during unsuccessful local government chairmanship election. The election that was totally boycotted by Biafrans of Enugu extraction which prompted the former governor of Enugu State, Barrister Sullivan Chime to declare “No Election” was held in Enugu.

According to Uwazuruike’s statement: “Biafra Independent Movement (BIM) wish to inform all Biafrans and the World that IPOB has claimed responsibility of the twin cannon explosive at Enugu.

“We wish to remind you all that sometimes last month we notify the public about these group, and their nefarious act to cause mayhem in anambra state and they have devised a means to scare people away from voting and it is crystal clear that the local explosives in enugu and their publications to spread propaganda has shown that they have perfected their satanic plans to throw the state into chaos and anarchy by throwing more explosives in Anambra state and accuse innocent people of their evil act.”

The above accusation is nothing but an act of desperation. Fear has gripped Uwazuruike and Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state. Uwazuruike boasted that he's popular but several invents has proven him wrong.

With successful boycott of Enugu chairmanship election, the political class and their foot soldiers, BIM are in total confusion. How can IPOB members who were at home enjoying their local delicacies during the said explosion be so magical to plant a bomb even in the presence of barbaric Nigerian security forces?

It was reported that the explosion occurred some seconds Nigerian police left the polling unit. How can IPOB members plant bomb within few seconds?

This Uwazuruike’s outburst has exposed the level of understanding of this saboteur. Uwazuruike has done opposite of what he claimed to fight for; the actualisation of sovereign state of Biafra.

Uwazuruike staged a protest to campaign for Obiano in Onitsha three months ago and is working very hard to remain relevant. Having noticed that November 18th Anambra gubernatorial election will be totally boycotted, Uwazuruike upgraded to new propaganda accusing innocent Biafrans.

Uwazuruike’s allegation against IPOB lacked every atom of merit. IPOB is a peaceful Indigenous people and won't stoop so low to indulge in any act of violence campaign because that will be opposite of what Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB standards for. IPOB love her people and can not do anything to harm good people of coal city.

BIM leader, Uwazuruike should come out clear and ask the fourth world most deadliest terror group, Fulani-herdsmen how they invaded Enugu and started raking havoc after being sacked by Governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom.

Also, the threat by Arewa youths to eliminate Biafrans is still very fresh in our minds, so they are culpable of such wicked act.

Nigerian security forces aren't spared in this issue, they've killed innocent civilians more than Bokoharam terror group and it is wise asking them how they left the scene and bomb explosion occurred immediately.

If Uwazuruike’s thinking faculty is still functioning properly he should have projected outside the box. There's no smoke without fire, the enemies of Biafrans are at work day and night. It is only a child who lacked history will ignore the capabilities of murderous Nigerian security forces.

In this regard, I advise Raph Uwazuruike to learn how to pick people to attack to avoid attacking wrong person. Let his desperation to remain relevant not be the last straw that broke the camel's back. Biafrans are very angry with him and in no distance time, his sins shall find him.

Uwazuruike’s desperation to bounce back has made him to strike Biafrans at wrong times, and it has confirmed that he is enemy of Biafrans. His connivance with wicked Nigerian government and her murderous security apparatus isn't only an act of wickedness but as well attraction of generational curse upon his lineage.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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