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No Election In Anambra State

Total election boycott is surely the only peaceful way to force Nigeria government to fix a date of United Nations monitored referendum in Biafra land. It is a means that assures the world that we truly want Biafra restored.

The hope of a new nation Biafra is on the shoulders of Anambraians, the hope of 70million people that seek for a democratically peaceful separation from Nigeria is now placed in the hands of Anambra traders, farmers, artisans, Transporters, the youths, etc.

The end to prevarication of justice, lack of jobs, bad roads, all manners of evil, is near.
Anambra ndi  nwem, it is time to end this injustice,
it is time to stop these evil men who always remember us once in four years after voting for them they call you miscreants, jobless people and terrorists.
 It is only a total boycott of election in Anambra state come 18th of November that will assure us the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra. These politicians have killed us enough and you should not forget in a haste the people killed at saint  Catholic church Ozubulu. You should not forget Onitsha massacre, please never you forget Eke-Nkpor massacre.

The youths are said to be leaders of tomorrow but our tomorrow has been locked up by these evil politicians and now is our opportunity to recollect what we have been deprived of.
We are not going to do this with gun or knife but to just stay at home to vote. Do not stress yourself to vote because for the past years you have been voting and they always pay us back with evil the movement power enters their hands.
And they know very much that you gave them this power and you can as well collect this power back by staying at home on 18th of November.
Stay indoors all through 17th and 18th of November, 2017, get whatever you need to eat that day before 17th. Those politicians you see campaigning have one sponsor from the north or sponsors from the north.

Anambrarians, this is the time to choose the fate of your unborn generation, it is a time to make correction of the past mistakes of voting in those that kill you and deprive you of your future.
Do not cry had I know later, because those bags of rice and N500 they are giving you just to get your vote can not last for four years it will be better to reject them and their peanut and secure your future and that of your generation.
 Just open your eyes and understand why you must boycott Anambra election.

Forget the preaching of  clergy/pastors, urging you to vote. Because all these years none of them has spoken nor come to your rescue while you were passing through hell.
God in heaven knows the pure truth and the politicians are aware that once you don't vote,  referendum for Biafra will be declared and they will be made to answer all the evil they committed when they were in power.

Therefore, to save Anambra from further blood sheds, to save lives of Biafrans and that of your family, stay at home to secure your future and generation to come, boycott Anambra election.

By Prince Chinonso Jacob 
For IPOB Writers


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