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Anambra Gubernatorial Election: Anambrarians Say “Never Again”

No Election in Anambra State

It is approximately six decades the people of Biafra have been voting-in political office holders who occupy one position or the other in Nigerian political arena. The people of Old Eastern region otherwise known as Biafra people have defiled rain and high intensity sun rays to participate in voting exercise which has not yielded any positive realistic impact on the people.

Politicians have taken Biafra people for granted. That is one of the reasons they share rice and tomatoes as the only dividend of democracy. Biafran land politicians have used principle of stomach infrastructure to the detriment of the people.

Currently happening in Anambra, the politicians including the incumbent Governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano has capitalised on stomach infrastructure where two cups of rice are shared to helpless masses.

Obiano and his cronies has used orchestrated penury to subdue people of Anambra to even think of collecting two cups of rice and one Tin tomato sauce as voting prize; rice-per-vote.

Though these strategies worked for thieving politicians in the past, before the coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Currently there is fire on the mountain.

The message delivered by Nnamdi Kanu seems to have taken a strong influence in the psych of the people of Anambra and beyond. Though some still collect rice but that isn't a panacea of participating on election day.

From every indication, Anambra people are saying: “Never again”

Never again shall we allow politicians to capitalise good governance on two cups of plastic rice that is even dangerous to our health.

Never again shall we allow ourselves to be used and dumped in dirty gutter.

Never again shall we participate in an election whose outcome is in contradiction with our collective resolve.

Never again shall we participate in a political process whose foundation is based on principle of first class North, second class West and third class East.

Never again shall we participate in an election that doesn't consider our collective interest.

Never again shall we eat today and die tomorrow.

Never again shall we mortgage the future of generations unborn because of perishable rice and tomatoes.

Anambra people have a lot of reasons to boycott upcoming elections. The reason are numerous to count:

For the sake of 3.5million children killed by Gowon cum Harold Wilson of Britain during the 1967-70 war.

For the sake of Nnamdi Kanu who sacrificed everything he has to remain steadfast in the struggle, and for the sake of his sudden disappearance after a bloody invasion of his residence by Nigerian soldiers on 14th September, 2017.

For the sake of 30th - 31st massacre of Biafrans at St. Edmunds Catholic Church Nkpor during 2016 Biafra day remembrance in Anambra state.

For the sake of millions of IPOB members currently congested in different prisons in Nigeria which has attracted prison authorities to raise alarm of possible disease outbreak.

For the sake of Aba massacre; where blood of fellow compatriots were sprayed all over the streets of Umuahia, Aba and its environs during operation codenamed ‘Operation Python Dance II” by Nigerian military.

For the sake of teaming unemployed youths, we must boycott Anambra election.

Every house in Anambra and beyond has recent graduate who is roaming the streets without job, so what is the faith of students in the university?

If yesterday and today graduates weren't employed, what would be the guarantee of employing tomorrow graduates? This is more reason why the students in Anambra should rally round IPOB to secure their future.

The current criminal politicians doesn't care, their children are schooling overseas and will come back tomorrow to continue where their corrupt parents stopped.

It's time to rescue Biafra Land and it must start with first son, Anambrarians. If you fail, we all failed but if you stood your ground on ‘NoReferendumNoElection’ then you have saved today and tomorrow.

Chinedu Solomon

For IPOB Writers.


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