Tuesday 28 November 2017

Biafra: Nigerian Govt Has Upgraded Its Paranoia To ECOWAS Court

The federal government of Nigeria has prayed ECOWAS community court to throwaway Kanu's human rights suit against the government.

The lawyer representing the Federal Government, Mrs Maimuna Shirley, alleged that Kanu has jumped bail since he is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, the presiding judge of the ECOWAS Court panel, Justice Hameye Mahalmadane, adjourned the case till 7th February 2018 during which federal government's application would be translated to panel members who are all French-speaking.

It is said that insanity isn't when one removes the cloth and dances unclad before the villagers in an open market. Insanity can be exhibited at all level of human endeavours; politics, health, education, entertainment, agriculture and etc.

The case between the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has brought out the darkest part of the Nigerian government. The Nigerian government has now resorted to catching air and shifting goal post.

It is on record that the Nigerian government approached ECOWAS Court on 7th March 2016 and asked the court to throwaway Kanu's human rights suit against the government but the then presiding judge, Micah Wright-Williams, in his ruling, dismissed the application for lacking in merit.
Justice Wright-Williams held that the ECOWAS court has the jurisdiction to hear cases of infringement of human rights.

Having been humiliated by Micah’s judgment, the federal government went back to drawing board to find a way of eliminating Kanu. Operation Python Dance II was ensured and initiated in 2017 by government's think-tank after series of using adjournment as delay tactics.

Not too long, Brutai rolled Tanks and APC down to Umuahia to reduce Kanu to ashes. Army laid siege on Kanu's vicinity from 10th October till 14th October - the day of invasion proper. They (FG) invaded Kanu's house without court warrant to prove the legality of the invasion.

Before 14th September invasion by the military, the federal high court had fixed 17th October 2017 as the date of hearing the case between IPOB Leader and the federal government. The federal government has noticed that they're going to lose the argument wasn't patient enough to argue their case before just Binta Nyako, their own judge.

The Nigerian military was the last that saw Nnamdi Kanu, how then did government's council expect Kanu to appear in court? Does court deal with sentiments and emotions?

It is logically wise to say that federal government abducted Kanu in order to jump ECOWAS judgement. Why did they wait until now before reapplying to quash the case?

Is ECOWAS a Nigerian court where injustices thrive? Will ECOWAS bow to Nigeria pressure and inducements?

Kanu registered this human rights case before his possible abduction cum murder, it will be a crime against humanity if ECOWAS grant Nigerian government her devilish wish.

In the other hand, proscription of IPOB as cited by the government's council has nothing to do with human rights case. Even world's most dangerous group, Bokoharam still has their human rights unaltered by the same government of Buhari. Their harden members have been released from detention and compensated handsomely.

IPOB has never killed any fly and it is illogical to cite proscription as a yardstick to determine human rights abuses committed against a fellow human.

Until proven otherwise by a competent court, Nnamdi Kanu is in Army's custody. They invaded his house on 14th September 2017 and since then nobody has heard from him, not even his family members.

On this premise, I humbly submit that federal government of Nigeria cannot jump ECOWAS judgment. Human right is so sacred to the extent it is better to free 99 criminals than to convict one innocent man.

ECOWAS, don't bow to Nigeria’s inducement and pressure, there is nothing permanent in life. Biafrans may become a member state tomorrow and take the region to the promised land and as we know in legal processes, “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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