Thursday 16 November 2017

Biafra: My Passionate Appeal To Our People In Omambala/Anambra On The Need To Boycott The Election

IPOB Protest in Aba


Firstly, I must commend the efforts of our people for the overall work so far achieved in the advent of our civil disobedience strategy at freeing ourselves and posterity unborn from the sustained chain of mediocrity transversing the length and breath of the misnomer so-called Nigeria. Whilst they brandished their armoury against us daily, consequent upon endorsement by the money-bags so-called politicians and the blind elitist class. We continue to advance to our destination, having neither armouries nor conventional Army, Our enemy continue, even with his Chariots to bow to our working objectives and plans. We are the wise men from the east and nothing whatsoever can change that from what it is, to what the enemies and our traducers are earnestly working to ensure they achieve.

In our christian holy book of Deuteronomy, when the Lord most high, our Lord was speaking to the children of Israel, the Lord says "I leave before thee today, two choices. The options of life and death. But as a loving father, I advise you to choose life that you may live" . Our people  in Omambala as our Forbears called, are the eldest in the family tree from where our immediate Ancestry spanned. Like the Biblical Israelites, you have, unbehalf of all Biafrans, your younger kittens, "two choices , a choice between life and death". We must however, as the Lord advised  the Biblical Israelites, choose life that we may live.

Life in this instance and piece is "BOYCOTT" or "SIT-AT-HOME, whilst death is "COMING OUT". Our enemies are busy sharing bags of rice and Sachets of salt to you, that you may go out and fall victim to their traps of death.

1) Remember they gave you rice last election but left you to die as soon as they got into offices

2) The Fulani uses them all as extension of their arm of fight against us in our own land

3) Ask yourself what they have done since we gave them the mandate to better our lives. Nothing!

4)Why do their kids not form part of the electorates if there appears to be anything meaningful from the process

5) If any of them is to emerge winner in the polls, he must be the one that promised Hausa-Fulani to allow herders kill as many of us as they can during the incoming administration

6) Boycott so that we may all escape together from the blood theatre called Nigeria, into Biafra our own holy and only land of hope and joy

7) If you come out to vote, they shall kill you and no one shall hear of your death thereafter because what is most important to them all is ascension into office for round of four years of mediocrity, starvation, lies, deaths, penury and joblessness

8) Stay at home and have all your sons and daughters you have work hard to get through schools and afterwards get jobs as ;
1) Police
7)Lawyers and state solicitors
8)Civil and Road Engineers to mention but a few.

9) If you strongly believe in freedom without war, you must sit at home on Saturday, the 18th day of November, 2017. So that we may get our FREEDOM THROUGH A UNITED NATIONS SUPERVISED REFERENDUM as promised us by the UN

In all, sit at home in Omambala that we may restore Biafra .That we may restore sanity. That we may restore rule of law. That we may give pride to our dead HEROES and HEROINES , who died that we may be free.

Written By  Alex C. Okeke
IPOB Writers


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