Thursday 16 November 2017

Biafra : Dear People Of Anambra, It Is Time To Cut Off The Influence Of The Caliphate From Biafra Land

The suffering of our people can end if only you  just stay at home on the 18th of November, boycotting the deceitful election. Do you wish to stop seeing Biafraland

Children Hawking and risking their lives selling at upper Iweka when they should be in the classrooms? Then, don't go out to vote on 18th Nov, 2017, sit at home.

Election boycott  in Anambra will usher in a very potent, peaceful and immediate approach of call for referendum. It shall force our flock of irresponsible representatives into standing with our opinions more than ever. 

In Biafra land, the constitution shall have a  sincere effect on anyone that wants to lead. The person must be accountable and responsible to the financial and welfare-services requirements of those kids and their families. It is one among many of the social contract benefits we are fighting for, which is only achievable when you sit at home on the 18 of November 2017. 

Dear unemployed doctors, lawyers, academia, farmers, drivers, Fathers, uncles and Okada Riders, are the sufferings you are  all passing through ever since you where born not yet due to be stopped? Have Fulani herdsmen not killed enough of Biafrans? Have the Northern Oligarchy not manipulated our people enough? Do you know that our lifespan in Biafra land is cut short because of the death traps so-called roads, that we are left with? Therefore,  to restore sanity and dignity of man we must boycott Anambra election.

To avoid the  restoration of Biafra  through war, you must stay at home on 18th of November. The Nigerian government has already sent its military to march in Anambra state on the 18th November as published by Vanguard newspaper of 14th Novermber 2017. Therefore, it is better to stay indoors on the 18th  of November because  you deserve a better life and a brighter future. We have lost many of our people in the hands of the blood sucking soldiers from North of the zoo called Nigeria, who only understand shoot and kill as the only English language they know. 

Do not be deceived nor get hoodwinked by the empty promises of Politicians, knowing very evidently that what they care more about is how much they  could loot within the period they hold sway in office  and the best of lifestyle for their  children. We must use this opportunity, which is the power of boycott that IPOB (The Indigenous people of Biafra) has taken hold of, to take back power that rightful belongs to us, by possessing our God given territory

Let it be known to all that whatever gift these rampaging politicians are offering any BIAFRAN from Omambala, as an exchange for voting  can only last for a while,  and shall remain a curse to the generation of such recipient. Voting  on Saturday shall amount to mortgaging  the future of both yourselves and the generation of your posterity unborn and born .  

You shall be  making the best choice by boycotting Anambra election, knowing that as long as you keep voting under Nigerian constitution, your choice of candidate or your vote and that of majority can never  count. They will do selection, so, why put your life in danger going out on Saturday in the name of voting ?
It will amount to gross ignorance and buffoonery bothering yourselves over what shall be the fate of those politicians after spending the huge amount of money, which they expend during electioneering campaign tours instead of thinking of how to give yourselves and children a better life. 

#Boycott the election slated for Saturday the  18th of November 2017 and have a real test of Freedom.

No Election in Omambala/Anambra of Biafraland

Written ByPrince Chinonso Jacob
For IPOB Writers



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