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Biafra: Tension In East As Braveness Of Biafran School Children Unsettles Nigerian Govt

11th of October 2017 will never be forgotten in the history of revolution that dismantled unproductive Nigerian contraption. It was a day that proved to Nigerian government that Biafran spirit hovering in Old Eastern region has possessed the elderly, the youths and kids.

The school children in Biafra land took to their heels when the Nigerian military invaded their schools to administer unnamed vaccine. The vaccine that is still unknown to any health worker till the time of writing this article.

The Military arrived at St. Michael's Catholic church, Ozubulu, in the early school hours with syringe, guns and bullets to administer killer vaccine to Biafran kids. It was alleged that three kids died at the spot of receiving the vaccine which triggered other pupils to run for their lives.

I was provoked when I saw 5yrs pupils in a video running for their lives. The whole streets of Nnewi and environs were thrown to total confusion, cries were very loud to the atmosphere, mothers were jumping fence to rescue their children from impending doom vaccine, secondary school adolescents jumped school's fence in order to evade calamity on the land.

But the Military and Obiano’s government have come out to defend themselves but it amounts to nothing because the very questions begging for urgent answer are:

1. What is the name of the vaccine you are administering to minors without the approval of their parents?

2. What is this vaccine that can't be administered by UNICEF, World Health Organisation (WHO), Ministry of Health and other recognised health institutions?

3. Why didn't Nigerian Military inform the public maybe do announcement in churches and media at least to sensitise the people on the need of the vaccine?

4. Why didn't Nigerian Military administer such vaccine in northeast where Bokoharam atrocities have caused diseases and epidemics? Why didn't military go to command secondary schools where they have their children schooling to give such medication?

5. Why didn't Nigerian military extend the medical outreach to all poverty ravaged Northern States?

6. Why must it be in a region with little or no record of life threatening diseases?

All these and other questions can't be religiously answered by Nigerian Military because they have ulterior motive embarking on this suicidal mission.

After inflicting the region with Monkeypox virus, they've intensified the effort to do mop-up action through syringe.

Very brilliantly, I must give it to Biafran children on their bravery to reject the vaccine and run for their lives. These children deserve the sacrifice we have been making to protect their future. They have proved to us that even if we fail, their generation can never fail.

I was pleased to see these heroes demonstrate their eagerness to inherit Biafran land; a land full of milk and honey.

What message does it pass to the Nigerian government? It means Biafra is a spirit. You can't intimidate us with murder, thank God we've our people in diaspora, even if you wipe out the whole Biafrans in Biafra land, just one day they'll return to their land.

IPOB has won! Nigerian government should go to its drawing board to manufacture another style, because the “terrorist” tag isn't sailing. Even children have lost confidence in anything Nigeria and there's no amount of brainwashing that will make that little child who ran away from school to save his life from killer military to have anything to do with Nigerian government again. It was a life history to them. In the near future, they'll also tell their children how Nigerian military attempted killing them through killer vaccine and consequently the story will continue.

The job is done already, our kids know killer military more than some of us. It is now left for us to conduct a referendum which will usher in the new order. When we restore Biafra, we can then set modalities on how to form a diplomatic understanding with the Nigerian government.

Once again, I say congratulations to our brave children. They'll live longer for having detected our enemies at the earliest stage.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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