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Killer Vaccination: The Soldiers Injected Students As Though They Were Shooting Gun - A Student Recounts

Operation take injection by fire by force, launched by Nigeria Army

A secondary student from Ife Grammar School, Ife, Charles Nwachukwu, who escaped the forceful injection of students by the Nigerian military with unknown killer vaccination, has recounted how the soldiers forced them to receive the injection.

The student who hails from Amumara in Ezinihitte Mbaise shared his experience on how his fellow students in the school were injected.

He said that his refusal of the injection and subsequent escape, though a miracle, was as a result of the warning his late parent had given him concerning any vaccination from the Nigerian government or its institutions.

He told his friends that the Nigerian soldiers not only forced students to queue up but also quickly emptied the injection into the bodies of the students as if they were shooting gun.

Charles said, "The soldiers forced everyone to line up.

"I didn't join them but escaped through the window because before my father died he had instructed us to run when any free medicine was brought to our school.

"I asked my dad why, he said that the Nigerian government killed many children during the Biafran war in order to eliminate Biafrans, hence will continue to find ways to kill more children until Biafrans are no more.

"And free vaccination is the easiest way to accomplish that."

He went on to said, "what put fear in me was the way the soldiers gave the injection.

"Personally, I do like injections, I prefer them to capsules hence I'm not afraid of nurses with syringes but I had to run when I saw the way soldiers were giving the injections.

"Not only did they force students to line up, they also quickly pierced students and speedily pushed the syringe, and they didn't care whether students were hurt or not. In fact they did as if they were shooting gun," Charles concluded.

By Mazi Edozie, 
For IPOB Writers


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