Friday 13 October 2017 // 01:30 PM

Python Dance And Vaccination - Army Can't Blow Hot & Cold At The Same Time From Same Mouth

Nigeria soldiers forcefully injecting kids with poisonous vaccines

By Mazi Edozie 
For IPOB Writers

It is either the nozzle is blowing hot air or cold air, both may not come out of the nozzle at the same time.

The Nigerian army has succeeded in terrorizing the people of Southeast in a fatal exercise codenamed Operation Python Dance II, which came suddenly without proper engagement with the masses on the reason why the exercise was necessary since there was no unrest in the region which the recognised institution of the police, democratically responsible for addressing such unrests when they rise, could not handle.

Assuming without alleging that the police were not effective in keeping a tensed atmosphere serene, were such restive atmosphere prevalent in the region, and the masses through their representatives - leaders of thoughts, chiefs, kings,  youth leaders, women leaders and other stakeholders - engaged, the name, Python Dance, chosen for the operation would not have been allowed because such name registered negativity in the psychology of the masses as Python does not represent a friendly animal rather a deadly one.

And the suspicion of people became evident as the Pythons danced along the road and in people's compound causing people to dance to their grave.

Personally, I believe that the movement soldiers make while shooting guns is the first Python Dance and the jerking or vibrations the victims display when shot is another Python Dance, making it, Python Dance II.

Whichever interpretation you choose to give it, we understand that Python Dance means or brings Human Deaths and those that died and still dying are the masses of the southeast.

Now, the same Pythons that danced those youths of southeast to their untimely grave have come again with Operation Vaccinate The Students. How do they want anyone fully composmentis, having seen the effects of the Python dance, allow them to inject their children? ? Because there is no possibility of convincing the masses that the army have good intents toward them.

There are so many things wrong with this free medical care - vaccination from the Nigerian military.

1. The timing was wrong. You can't spit hot and cold saliva from the same mouth except your mouth is something I don't know.

2. The army should not have taken the people by surprise. There should have been sensitization programme to that effect. And the makeups of the injection with its indications, including the contra-indications explained.

3. The soldiers should not have been at the scene of the administration and if they must be, should not carry guns. Even though the Nigeria Army are the sponsors of the free medication, I believe it is not necessay they be present to administer the injections. And if they must be, should not terrorise students with guns.

4. The free medication should not be forced on students at gun point. It should be a thing of choice. Forcing people at gunpoints means the army has an ulterior motive and to achieve that end, they need to use force.


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