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Biafra: It is No Longer Nigeria And The Politicians: Anambra The First Son Of Gad And Biafra Nation (BOYCOTT AND FREE BIAFRA)

In this life, nothing comes as a coincidence to God. It is always as a result of a natural ordinance that we face the events that surround us as humans. Who could ever have imagined that at this time in our history as a people that Amambala's position as the elder brother of the rest of Biafra Nation could come to forebear once again? When Anambra state got out of common Nigerian electioneering calendar and stood differently from other states of the criminal federation as is currently the tradition and setting a new political standard, no one ever thought that God had a master-plan for the coming of Biafra during this political era.

Think about what our situation in Nigeria the murderous state could possibly look like if there was not a close situation as is created by the Amambala election calendar. Humanity must at all times learn to give thanks to Almighty creator of the cosmos in whichever circumstances we find ourselves in. Whilst the enemy was awake planning and dreaming of severing our means of survival on this contra-human, a life-ejecting enclave of the British neocolonialists called Nigeria, the Almighty Creator and Maker of the entire universe was for our own good keeping watch over us. No wonder the Holy Bible says and I quote "the watch-man keepeth watch in vain except the Lord watches over a city". For whilst the owner of the vineyard slept, the enemy crept in and planted thorns among the crops of the farmer.

Whilst we slept they sold our rights and made us beggars in our land - but shall we continue to beg even when we now have the Yam and the knife??JUST BOYCOTT

They told us sweet rhetorics and mortgaged our future for the benefits of themselves and their children. JUST BOYCOTT

During electioneering campaign tours, they call us "My people" but turn their backs against us immediately after they are victoriously elected through our mandate. JUST BOYCOTT

They say our land during elections but all pack to Abuja and build industries and mansions with our common-wealth after their elections. SIT-AT HOME

They walk the streets, frying Ankara, corns and sharing beers with we the commoners during electioneering periods but surround themselves with a battalion of dreaded security operatives while elected. BOYCOTT

They share N500 among the Youths, which can barely buy a plate of food in the very deliberate and evil economy they leave for us as a people, to sustain poverty among us and buy mansions all across Europe and the Americas once they are elected into offices. SIT-AT HOME

They drive in keke during their deceitful campaign periods but end up banning the commercial tricycles ones they assume offices in order to keep us poor preparatory for another era of political deceits and other rounds of N500 for the youths. BOYCOTT

They start roads parchments prior to their election era albeit with very poor quality materials even when we have enough common-wealth to give us good quality roads before such periods. SIT-AT HOME

The actual essence of the social contract for which they get elected abinitio now become a thing of the past as soon as they assume offices. SIT-AT HOME

They render our Universities lower in quality education or better off glorified secondary schools compared to the foreign Varsities where their kid's school. BOYCOTT THE ELECTION

We see their kids graduating from Foreign varsities like Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Boston-Massachusetts, Gull-Hall, Manchester, to mention but a few, leaving our own universities in perpetual "STRIKE". SIT-AT HOME

They loot our common-wealth and store the money in foreign banks, leaving our aged parents to die from hunger after decades of service in the civil and public services of the federation. SIT-AT HOME

They are the biggest candidates of medical tourism across Europe, Asia and the Americas, leaving us with the most unfortunately dilapidated medical facilities and poorly paid medical personnel to die on. SIT-AT HOME

Water is the cheapest thing any Nation can provide her citizenry but then, we have none to drink. They leave us with bad lakes as the only means of survival for water. SIT-AT HOME

Power supply, like we all may have heard has remained a major avenue for corruption in this country, where successive governments borrow money from foreign governments or international monetary agencies with no light generated. They instead end up stealing the money and come up with various technical stories and grammar to confuse the most gullible among us. SIT-AT HOME

The greatest threat to our adversaries and slave-masters is seeing us realizing that we have been slaves all the while,  and coming together to rescue ourselves from the clutches of servitude and oppression.They give us money and come back to kill us. BOYCOTT

They never bother nor discuss our collective welfare but make haste to tell us to quit discussing same. But we refuse to listen this time that our generation born and unborn may be proud of us. DO NOT VOTE

We refuse to VOTE in Amambala on the 18th of November 2017, that we may reclaim our rights as the owners of the land.

We refuse to VOTE in Amambala on the 18th of November so we could secure good roads for ourselves and generation unborn.

We refuse to VOTE in AMAMBALA on the 18th of November 2017 so we could secure our land from Hausa-Fulani invaders.

When we are killed, they merry and come up with stories to repress us and deny us our rights to a bright future. They watched us die in #Ozubulu and came up with fantasies. Ask yourself, why has the case been swept under the carpet till today?? SIT-AT HOME
We must not VOTE In AMAMBALA on the 18th of November so that we can build good schools for our kids both born and yet unborn.



WHILE we read this piece, let us ruminate in the deepest dimensions on the many promises they have made to us from time immemorial and how they have implemented none.

There are no newer sweet words other than what sweet words they have told us already but yet to fulfil any till date. SIT-AT HOME

IF YOU TRULY LOVE THE FREEDOM OF BIAFRA AND OUR LEADER MAZI NNAMDI KANU, whom the military has kidnapped and rendered INCOMMUNICADO and other freedom fighters held in various detention units across NIGERIA, #BOYCOTT ANAMBRA ELECTION AND FREE BIAFRA AND OUR LEADER including all other Freedom fighters held by the despotic Nigerian state.

Opportunity comes but once. If we #BOYCOTT we #WIN  IF we VOTE we KEEP DYING.



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  1. God bless you, I'm already at home, no work, no light, no good school. So no need, I'll never vote.


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