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Nnamdi Kanu's Whereabouts: OUK And LAWCONS, And Buhari's Contradictory Mess

Kanu's  House Invaded By Nigeria Soldiers

Since after the military invasion of Nnamdi Kanu's residence, Muhamadu Buhari, president of the expired Nigerian state, has recruited both existent but inconsequential Orji-Uzor Kalu  (OUK) and uneducated faceless  Lawyers of Conscience, to spew thoughtless claims concerning Nnamdi Kanu's Whereabouts.

In their conjecture, they have, at different times, taken divergent narratives, in an attempt to either divert attention from the fact that the Nigerian Army made away with Nnamdi Kanu, his parents and others after the military invasion of his home residence; or to deceive gullible minds into believing that Nnamdi Kanu is hiding.

But this strategy of Buhari has proven to be incapable of producing the desired results because his recruits are on a contradictory approach to the realization of their tasks.

First, on the 1st of October, 2017 Orji-Uzor Kalu, the efulefu from Igbo land held that Kanu's close relative told him that he (Kanu) had escaped to London from Malaysia.

In his words, he said, “Kanu was not taken away by the military. Kanu went to Malaysia from where he traveled to the United Kingdom. Nnamdi Kanu is in London right now as we speak. He was not arrested by anybody. He left the country on his own.

“One of his relations has spoken to me and explained everything because I wanted to see him and talk to him wherever he was and see how I could meet some Federal Government officials on this issue. I also wanted to see ways of talking to the President about him and find common ground but his family told me that he has left the country unless they are lying to me.

“I believe, whether he had left the country or not, he is not with the military because I asked the Commander of the 14 Brigade, Brig.-Gen. A.K Ibrahim, who is a very fine and good soldier, well educated and dedicated, and he told me that they don’t know his whereabouts and I am sure, the Department of State Services have the same information. I also visited the commissioner of police and he said he didn’t know his whereabouts and that they are also looking for him.”

Contrary to the claim of OUK, a faceless supposed charge-and-bail lawyers under the umbrella of Lawyers of Conscience have emerged from nowhere to claim that Nnamdi Kanu alongside his parents fled from Bayelsa to Cameroon with the help of France.

The faceless lawyers stated, “He(Nnamdi Kanu) first ran to Bayelsa State with his parents, and from there he escaped through Nigeria’s border with Cameroon. We all know Cameroon’s connection with France, and the role France is reportedly playing in financing and supporting IPOB".

The two contradictory positions as held by OUK and LAWCONS show that Buhari and his handlers are poor strategists. At least there should have been a point of agreement in their narratives but rather there's none.

Fate has always been against Buhari and his handlers and will continue to be.

The only last known location of Nnamdi Kanu was his home residence, hence Nnamdi Kanu, as well as his parents, MUST be in the custody of the invading soldiers on the Python Dance who not only shot more than 22 persons dead but also shot their way into the palace of Eze Israel Kanu, invaded the room of Nnamdi Kanu, and ransacked the whole building.

The military has not denied invading Kanu's residence, hence they should tell the public what happened; what they were looking for in the residence of a civilian whose case is in a court of jurisdiction.

By Mazi Edozie
For IPOB Writers


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