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Biafra: What Buhari Told South-east Governors Through Its Leader, David Umahi

South-East Governors

It was reported that ‘Python Dance II’ was an aftermath of a discussion between Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state and President Muhamadu Buhari.

Naijanewspapers has it that after the invasion of Kanu's house by Nigerian military men on 14th September 2017, Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state and Chairman, South East Governors’ Forum, travelled with President Buhari to New York to attend the UN General Assembly scheduled to commenced on 19th September 2017.

On their way to New York, “Devil” Umahi briefly explained to Buhari how they carried out task given to them by his government. Umahi discussed the proscription of IPOB by south-east governors and what they intend to achieve with it.

Umahi was interviewed by a reporter of Naijanewspapers:

What can you say about the ongoing agitations in the South-East region for the actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra and the recent proscription of IPOB?

“I want to thank the Governors of South-East and the North for their efforts in ending the ugly incident that occurred recently. Let me assure Nigerians that Mr President has heard you and he is going to address all the issues raised. There is no need to continue insulting our leaders and abusing other tribes. No need trying to pose danger to the existence of our people. We are not untrustworthy people. We are very, very trustworthy. We are hardworking and well-cultured people and so, we have made our points.

“I had a private discussion with Mr President in New York and I want to assure the South-Easterners that the President will address all our problems. Nigeria is going to see peace. We are stronger when we are bigger. Let me also tell our people that we are playing too much politics. It is only in the South-East that you see petitions that they are piling in the EFCC. Everything is now about politics and we left our hard work for politics.

According to David Umahi, they (south-east governors) proscribed IPOB because Buhari has heard the message of South-Eastern people delivered by IPOB and there was no need to continue passing the message often and often.

Secondly, they proscribed IPOB because the youths are insulating shameless elders. Elders who have sold the future of the youths for a crumb falling from master's table.

Thirdly, they proscribed IPOB because they want to please their northern counterparts. They choose outsider than the wellbeing of their people.

From Umahi’s reasons for banning IPOB, all I can see is selfish cowards struggling to please their Hausa-Fulani masters. Before now, it was only in “West” you can think of having a coward but recently south-east governors have broken the record. South-east governors are more than cowards, they are weaklings.

Since Umahi and his gangster Governors proscribed IPOB, what is the progress they've made to address marginalisation of Biafrans? The Restructuring song they are performing like Orchestral has not seen the light of the day, but they're eager to run their mouths like loose parrots to castigate IPOB.

Without IPOB every Biafran is finished! The fear of IPOB is still why Buhari and his religious fanatics are slow in carrying out their Islamization agenda. IPOB is a stumbling stone to Arewa domination, for without IPOB South will remain a conquered territory according to Ahmadu Bello.

For your information, this is not a time to pop champagne, you incompetent governors. IPOB is waxing stronger, you may not have seen youths protesting in the streets, but then the upcoming Nov 18th Anambra gubernatorial election will teach you guys a bitter lesson.

No mortal can defeat Biafra ideology, it is part of our existence unless you are going to completely exterminate us from the surface of the earth including yourselves. Every true Biafran is sympathetic to this divine project, and it's only those with mixed genes that are having double minds. Those whose mothers were impregnated by invading soldiers during Biafra war starvation. Their mothers were wayward ladies who couldn't control their glutinous throats.

South-east governors should cover their faces in shame for our people said: “Onye gburu dibia n’agworo ya ogwu, ndi n’eme ya nsi ha agwusigo?” meaning “somebody who killed the native doctor that healed his poison, has he killed those who prepare and distribute such poison?”

South-east governors will forever regret their actions, the federal government will use and dump them like a street prostitute (Ashawo 1 Naira). History will remember these pentane rascals for what they stand for betrayal, killing and nurturing grounds for unwarranted tensions.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers



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