Thursday 12 October 2017 // 03:35 PM

Biafra: Nigerian Military To Provide Nnamdi Kanu As Its Proxy Agents Failed To Confuse The World

Tukur Brutai

Nigerian military forces under the operation codenamed ‘Operation Python Dance II’ invaded the house of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB on 12th September 2017.

In that invasion, more than twenty unarmed civilians were killed. Many sustained serious injuries. It was also reported that army made away with corpses of the people they murdered.

Since after the invasion, the Biafran leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is nowhere to be found.

Kanu was in Biafra land when the army started their show of force and possibly in his room when Nigerian soldiers invaded the compound, how come the military is denying knowing his whereabouts?

The Military's denial was expected. This is army who kill innocent people in broad daylight and issue a press release to justify their actions.

Currently, Nigerian government employed propagandists to silence the truth but these mischief makers have failed with lack of harmonisation in their claims. The first was Orji Uzor Kalu; one-time governor of Abia State. The second is a Faceless group called ‘Lawyers of conscience’.

Non-existing Lawyers of conscience, LAWCONS narratives about Kanu's whereabouts contradicted Orji Uzor Kalu’s narratives. Harmonisation eluded them which showed how fraudulent they are.

Orji Uzor Kalu said that Nnamdi Kanu travelled from Malaysia to London while LAWCONS said Kanu travelled from Bayelsa to Cameroon and from there he went to France. How do the two narratives add up?

By now everyone expected Nigerian government to gather the courage to tell the whole world where they kept the leader of Biafra movement. The federal government should take responsibility for once. Is either Kanu is in military’s custody or may have been killed and taken away by the invaders of 14th September invasion.

We are putting the world on notice to disregard the contradictory stories coming from federal government's Proxy Agents - Orji Uzor Kalu and LAWCONS. These are agents of darkness. Orji Uzor Kalu is a drowning man whose corruption cases are hanging around his neck while the other group (LAWCONS) is not known in the history of the failed Nigerian state.

I have done research on this group but could only find nothing except the links pointing to recent rants. This group was manufactured by Lai Mohammed in BMC arm of the numerous propaganda platforms.

Other countries should join British government to demand Kanu's whereabouts. Nigerian government wants to exterminate Biafrans and it is expected that every sane mind should raise alarm.

The military should provide Kanu on or before 17th October 2017 - the day scheduled for hearing of case between IPOB and the Nigerian government. Justice Binta Nyako should start thinking on what to do to the military if they fail to provide him in court.

Chinedu Solomon,
For IPOB Writers



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