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Biafra: Orji-Uzo Kalu, The C.I.A Agent And His Mission Against Biafra.

Orji Uzor Kalu

The devil's incarnate, Orji-Uzo Kalu, claims to know where Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, is currently staying in London as he was quoted last week as saying "Nnamdi Kanu is in London, he traveled through Malaysia".

As if no one paid attention to him, he came up with another fallacy that IPOB members are raping women in Abia state.

I wonder if the Video going viral  of how IPOB youths (youths of the Indigenous people of Biafra,' an organized civilian society) were molested, humiliated and killed by the Nigerian military was the rape Orji Uzor Kalu was talking about, because this man (Orji-Uzo Kalu) has proven by all traces of his public life to be both evil and a pathological liar.

Orji-Uzo Kalu is also a known member of Kaduna mafias, simply know as IBB(Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, the erstwhile Head of state, the Federal Republic of Nigeria from the year 1985-93, during the military junta) boys. Arthur Eze among others are also alleged members of this very secret and the evil gang headed by IBB.

Members of this very evil cult help IBB(Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida) to transfer stolen commonwealth of the entire citizenry in both materials and cash into foreign accounts.

Orji-Uzo Kalu, however, he is also enjoying the protection of IBB(Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida) due to the love affairs going on between IBB and Orji- Uzo Kalu's mother(Mrs. Eunice Kalu).

It is good you know that Orji-Uzo Kalu approached Nnamdi Kanu's family(Family of the Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra) last December after visiting Nnamdi Kanu in prison because Nnamdi Kanu refused to  compromise the struggle and he (Kalu) met the same fate as the family turned him and his evil offer down.

Consequently, Orji-Uzo Kalu approached Nnamdi Kanu's younger brother(Prince Meme Kanu)in the same bid to achieve his sacrilegious and feudal, evil agenda, to penetrate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was at the time being unlawfully held by the criminal Nigerian state in Kuje Prison Facility in Abuja ) only to discover that resoluteness actually runs in the family blood of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when Prince Meme Kanu turned down his offer and advised him (Orji-Uzo Kalu) of the futility of his continued buffoonery, as the family was never for sale.

As desperate as Orji-Uzo Kalu was, in his bid to satisfy his feudal slave-masters and exonerate himself of the corruption charges hanging on him.     Orji-Uzo Kalu went on to visit the parents of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at their Affara-ukwu country home, promising to make the family swim in money. Orji-Uzo Kalu even promised to connect the Royal family to the former president, Goodluck Jonathan. All these continued to yield no fruit to evil Orji-Uzo Kalu the errand boy as he (Orji-Uzo Kalu) remained ignorant of the fact that Mazi Nnamdi took an oath at the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem to restore Biafra in truth and honesty.

No Matter the lies and evil manipulations of the drowning errand boy(Orji-Uzo Kalu), and his feudal pay-masters, Biafra shall remain unshakable, resolute and uncompromising in the face of any challenge, until she is restored a sovereign state.

It is pertinent, however, at this juncture, that people should start asking Orji-Uzo Kalu about his wife, his father, and mother.
Orji-Uzo Kalu is so disgusting and irritating.

If common sense was ever as cheaply as it is pronounced, what Orji-Uzo Kalu should make his priority at this moment of his life, would be how to bring his family together and make peace between his father and mother.
And between himself and his wife and let IPOB (the organized civilian population of the Indigenous people of Biafra) and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (Her uncompromising leader) be.

Or is Orji-Uzo Kalu too illiterate and desperate to read and know the adage which says and I quote "Charity begins at home"?

At Orji-Uzo Kalu's age, it never occurred to him that he should have a kid at least by now. Is he not ashamed?

If Orji-Uzo Kalu must talk next time, let him channel his talks to his immediate family and restore peace there before diving into IPOB matters.

Moreover, it is very pathetic and hypocritical for Orji, a former governor of Abia state to choose to look the other way while the military massacred Abians(His former electors) and other Biafrans in Abia state.

May I make it clear to everyone that this generation of Biafrans took an oath and have outlived the era of manipulation by the kinds of Orji-Uzo Kalu.

Orji-Uzo Kalu, should as a matter of urgency, return whichever amount he collected from the federal government of Nigeria, seeing that the mission he embarked upon is mission impossible.

Seventy(70) millions of Biafrans will go after Orji-Uzo Kalu as one large family because an attack on Nnamdi Kanu(Our leader) is and remains an attack on all  Biafrans. And injury on one IPOB family member is an injury to all family members of the indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB).The resolve of IPOB to restore Biafra can never be quenched. I, therefore, advise Orji-Uzo Kalu to run before Biafrans declare him wanted.

By Prince Chinonso Jacob

For IPOB Writers




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