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Biafra: Biafra On US Time Magazine

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Biafra isn't a domestic or an internal issue as Nigerian government may want the public to believe, rather it is a global issue begging for urgent discussion and possible solution to fantom everlasting peace through uncompromised dialogue and justice.

The Nigerian government in her attempt to quell Biafra rise through intimidation has internationalized Biafra struggle. The greatest mistake done by Buhari's dictatorial government was killing and labeling IPOB as a “terrorist” people.

The United State Time Magazine developed Interest into this issue because of the term “terrorist”. Time Magazine was surprised how asking for one's own freedom can amount to “terrorist” acts. Time Magazine decided to project Biafra issue to international debate and global discussion is imminent.

According to Time Magazine of 2nd October 2017: “Self-determination is in the air. We began last week with a Kurdish referendum in Iraq, and we ended it with a raucous Catalan referendum in Spain; neither may amount to much, at least in the short term. But hope is a hard thing to extinguish, as "separatist" movements around the world can tell you."

Time Magazine went further: “A country of 250+ ethnic groups, Nigeria declared independence from Britain in 1960, but a couple of military coups in 1966 stoked underlying ethnic tensions. In 1967, southern groups (led by the Igbo people, one of Nigeria’s three major ethnic groupings) declared the independent Republic of Biafra in Nigeria’s south. Nigeria refused to recognize the breakaway state, and a 3-year civil war ensued. All told, more than 1 million people lost their lives, many due to starvation. Biafra surrendered in 1970.

“But defeating a secession movement on the battlefield is a far cry from defeating its spirit - and nearly half a century later, the dream of Biafra remains alive. These and other nationalist currents continue to make Nigerian politics choppy, as does a president whose frail health has the country continues on edge.

Southern leaders have rejected secession calls as impractical. But the movement for Biafran statehood is still considered enough of a threat that the Nigerian military declared the Biafra separatist movement a terrorist group just a few weeks ago - harkening back to a simpler time when just wanting a homeland of one’s own was enough to be labeled a terrorist."

From the above Time’s report, what the handlers of Buhari's government failed to understand is the ideology behind Biafra struggle. If they don't understand the ideology behind Biafra, how then would they be able to discuss it?

The man who made it possible to discuss Biafra in the international community is currently missing after the Nigerian Army invaded his house and shot every living thing in the compound. Nnamdi Kanu's whereabouts are unknown till date, and every accusing finger is pointing to the Nigerian military. It is undoubted that Nigerian military whisked Kanu away or might have shot him dead but then they should summon the courage to present his corpse to Biafrans.

Since Biafra issue is already making airways, let the debate continue. Time Magazine still has a lot to tell the world. Especially United Nations, UN to support Biafra referendum. Biafrans will conduct the referendum as a free people while UN will give it a backup.

Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, is not and can never be a “terrorist” organization. The world knows the truth and no matter the propaganda peddled by the Nigerian government, Biafra must prevail.

By Chinedu Solomon
Of IPOB Writers

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