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Biafra: How Long Shall We continue With The Killings In Nigeria Especially During Electioneering Periods?

Army and Police killings

 Killings have gradually become a common and daily tradition and a norm in this God-forsaken enclave called Nigeria. There is actually no day passing, since the foundation of this evil forest, without an occurrence of brutal loss of human life either by the instrument of state Terror groups (The military, the Police ) or in the hands of some of the innumerable political thugs or touts. Whereas Nations with Godly foundations dispatch the best of their civil protective security outfits for the rescue of any of her citizen in life-threatening circumstances, spending millions in the feat of accomplishing the rescue operations.

But Nigeria, on the contrary, has moved from novice to legend in the killing of her citizens and avoidable destruction of lives and properties of same.

The issue of Rann IDP camp in BORNO, a North-eastern state in Nigeria, like many others, has been swept under the carpet, with no outcome from the myriads of fake and scripted investigations initiated. Should we bring to fore the very ugly issue of Ozubulu massacre that heated the polity with such a crescendo that everyone expected something like a conclusive investigation to surface for public nerves to be calmed? But up until this very moment, there is no conclusion yet to that effect. The case of Nimbo massacre like others is yet to reach any finality.
Not to talk about the following Assemblies of God terrorist attack which was wrapped up as a criminal gang offence.

While memories are still fresh in our minds over the Nigerian government terrorist military attack, which happened in Afara-Ukwu Ibeku, in the home palace of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Prophetic leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), which left more than twenty-eight persons dead with the military abducting the Supreme Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his Parents and leaving them all helplessly incommunicado till date.

The bloodsucking terrorist outfits so-called Nigeria police went ahead to use their Guns, which are supposed to be used for the protection of the masses, against the very masses they should ensure are secure, on the 15th day of October 2017 during APC(All Progressive Congress') flag handing rally in AMAMBALA of the party's candidate Hon. Tony Nwoye. Stories from reliable sources during the APC rally in AMAMBALA prevailed that one out of the five victims of the trigger-happy police criminals was actually heading home from day's business before he met his untimely death in the hands of the trigger-happy terrorist police agents. Why citizens should die because of an ambition of an individual and his very few criminal cabal is one question too traditional that everyone expects bloodbath during the gathering of Nigeria's politicians.

If such Volume of open bloodbath could happen during mere flag handing rally, it is, however, a big signal and picture of things to follow in AMAMBALA state especially from the 17th day of November of 2017 through the 18th day of the same month in AMAMBALA state. It is, HOWEVER, advisable that anyone who cherishes his life or that of his family, friends, relatives and even foes, should as a matter of expediency, urgency and life, admonish all of same mentioned and residents alike to keep off the streets of AMAMBALA from 17th-18th day of November 2017 by staying indoors at home enjoying the prettiest of delicacies with family and friends to avoid "Had I Known".

Only a tree hears that it shall be cut down and remains in-situ without making appropriate life-saving measures come to play until it is laid bare on the floor. An IGBO adage has it that "Agha akara aka adighi eri nwa ngwuro" or "To be forewarned is to be fore-armed" when translated into the English language.

The benefits of staying indoor on the election periods are too many to be mentioned here on as nothing can equate our freedom from this bloodsucking enclave called Nigeria, which shall only come after we have successfully Boycotted the AMAMBALA election of the 18th day of November 2017.


Written By Alex C. Okeke
For IPOB Writers


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