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Biafra: For Ozubulu, Nimbo And Others, BOYCOTT Anambra Election.

Boycott Anambra Election

Written By Alex C. Okeke
Fo IPOB writers

Fellow great and wonderful people of Biafra, the wise people from the East, I greet our comradeship, strength of resilience, and power of creativity. We are bound by destiny, not coincidence to restore Biafra, the land of the Rising Sun in the East.

Restoration of Biafra is a divine Mandate which no mortal has the power to relinquish or stop. We the generation of Biafra have the moral obligation to do all within our capacity till Biafra is restored a free Nation.

Never mind the machinations or gimmicks of our evil traducers and detractors. For like devil in a serpent, they have awoken all their channels and venoms to perceive and deceive us into dropping our quest for freedom. They come in the morning as Angels but return at night as beasts which they are. They tell us the poor man's  deceitful language or rhetoric "E go better" when their next agenda is to loot us dry and render us servants to oppression, subjugation,  penury and death.

None of the candidates is in any way or form a better alternative for us on the millions of pains and hunger which they have deliberately orchestrated against us. They are so desperately evil and trickish that the 'more you look, the less you see'. Ask yourself why they often times begin to show us their hypocritical empathy whenever the election calendar draws closer. Why do they suddenly see us as enemies as soon as they get into offices?? Why is their love temporal and not consistent?? How comes their sense of sympathy only becomes signal-strong at election periods??

We must begin(during this boycott) to show them that 'they can fool some people at times, but can not fool everyone all the time'. Our welfare is consistently treated with so much nonchalance that one would begin to wonder if the deal of social-contract between us becomes a matter of choice once they assume office. Why is it too hard for a state as huge as AMAMBALA to generate water to the masses, both in Urban and rural Areas?? Is it so expensive that the state cannot fund or there is a deliberate decision to severe the life of an average man? Why must successive governments abandon the real essence of governance and begin to fight over supremacy once in power??

Why do their kids and relations school abroad, abandoning their over-neglected schools here, which schools they tell us are the best during their periods of lying campaign tours. Why do they and their families often travel abroad for medical examinations and treatments whenever they fall ill?? What is scaring them away from the local hospitals where everyone should be admitted and administered treatments??

They now come with various tricks and gimmicks to persuade us to cast our votes to them. After they have gone up North to their Hausa-Fulani slave masters to commune and covenant their loyalty to them, in the event that they become triumphant at the Guber-polls. They should tell us exactly what happened at Ozubulu.  Or is our security not also part of their jurisdiction in the social-contract agreement?? Why is their no further traces of all that transpired at Ozubulu among all the contending political parties and candidates?? Or is there obviously something they have communed never to let us know???

We are obviously not secured in the hands of all the criminals parading themselves as saviours. Ask Osita Chidoka of UPP(United Progressive Party) what he went to Kano last month to do. Or has he gone to make his own part of the covenanting to their slave masters to allow Fulani terrorist herders to keep carrying out their manslaughter unchecked, as soon as he assumes office, just to win the governorship seat??

Also ask Mr Tony Nwoye, what he went to Aso-Rock to bargain for. Is Aso-Rock his very immediate constituency where he should concentrate and persuade the masses on his manifesto?? Of course, like others, to pledge his unalloyed loyalty to the caliphate and most possible mortgage the security, prosperity, joy and religious freedom of the innocent citizens of AMAMBALA, in the overall interest of the Caliphate.

What did the incumbent governor of AMAMBALA, Dr Williams Obiano go to same Aso-Rock to beg about when he should be tasking himself about the most essential thing to do in order to carry the mandate of his immediate constituency which is AMAMBALA??
The most possible reasons for such journey must be to bargain soft-landing over his lottery and further compromise the security of lives and properties of our people if elected by allowing the bloodsucking Caliphate, through their footsoldiers suck as much blood from AMAMBALA as they may wish.

In view of all these and yet to be forayed, it is however our responsibility entirely, to choose to live by #BOYCOTTING the November 18th governorship election completely Or choose to be drowned the years ahead by allowing them rise on our mandate once again into the very offices, whose functions they know not how to discharge efficiently.

OPPORTUNITY COMES BUT ONCE. SEIZE IT TO YOUR BENEFIT OR RISK IT TO YOUR DETRIMENT    ~The freedom of Biafra is entirely in our own court now
#SHALOM to all Umu AMAMBALA that shall BOYCOTT the election.



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