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Biafra: The Better Alternative - An Advice To Binta Nyako

An Advice To Binta Nyako

Written By Alex C. Okeke
For   IPOB writers

Nigeria is drowned already but spuriously and Furiously seeking whom to be finally drowned alongside. The essence of the judicial Arm of government has been conspicuously defeated in Nigeria. Justice has been clearly designed to only favour the highest bidder. Justice has been merchandised and approved for sale. The supposed dichotomy between the Executive Arm of government and the judiciary seems obviously missing in Nigeria today. The standards of checks and balances between the duo also missing.

The justice system has been galvanized into compromise and intimidation by the political class to sustain their oppressive rulership over the vulnerable masses. The collapse of any Nation begins when the judiciary, which is the last hope of the common man, loses its vigour and begins to dance to the drum-beats of who can pay. It is however not surprising, seeing the rascality with which the presiding chief judge(Hon. Justice Binta Nyako) on the matter between the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the state(Nigeria), declared before the supposed honourable court in Abuja and the viewing World on the 17th of October, 2017. That she doesn't care about the whereabouts of her fellow human being, whether he be dead or alive. The above answer brings one into the questions of what really inspires most legal practitioners in Nigeria into the practice, which should supposedly be for the defence of the rights of the vulnerable in any circumstance.

The system of appointment into the offices of a chief judge in Nigeria seems to be sentimental or partial, seeing that most practitioners always make judgements and statements that are contradictory to the ethics and principles of the honourable profession. What Hon.Justice Binta Nyako meant in her statement "I do not care what has happened to your client" when she talked to Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the lead counsel to the abducted leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, during the court proceedings of the above date, leaves one with too many questions to ask about how and who made her a chief judge.


In view of the prevailing desecration of the judicial ethics here in Nigeria. I advise that you:

1) make bold to allow justice to prevail on the matter by avoiding bias and dispensing equitable justice now

2) tell the Chief of Army staff and the federal government of Nigeria to provide the first defendant in the said matter (live or dead)

3) demand from Mr Orji-Uzor Kalu his knowledge of the whereabouts of the first defendant since he obliged knowledge of his whereabouts

4) attend to the suit before you and call the matter with all urgency as no stone should be left unattended to;

5) quit yielding to pressure from the North to the effect that you compromise the freedom of the sureties of the first defendant, knowing fully well that the military invaded his home, not the sureties.

6) be bold enough to warn the executive to quit their sustained desecration of the sanctity of the legal profession through their encroachment into the reserved jurisdiction of the judiciary.

7)  remember, in all you do, the law of retributive returns or the Karmic law that acquits unto any man that which he desires for others.

8) remember that the things you do now shall be counted as your legacy hereafter. No man runs away from his shadow.

Honourably hands off the matter instead of bringing ruination to what is left of the images your Husband (Murtala Nyako) and your son which have been battered already because of their greed for the Commonwealth of the people of Adamawa state.

An opportunity to write your name in Gold now may never be recovered once it is lost.


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