Poetic Justice: The Season Of Blood In Biafra

Biafran tortured by Nigeria military force

Biafran tortured by Nigeria military force

Biafran shot by Nigeria military force

I saw them drive
The cruel image
All armed, in uniform
Moving forcefully
With furious look
Ready to devour the innocent
As if war has broken
To launch kisses
To the target victims

Then I knew,
There would be
A scream of pain
A victim of slaughter
As I smelt fresh blood flow
From helpless victims
In the street

I trembled at the sight
I cried for the fatherland
I raised voice
But was not heard
And I hate to see
Tears of an elderly,
Frowning face
Of playing children,
Agony of
hardworking youths
That in their own land
Still hunted and wounded
By the cruel image
At night, in day time
No safety, no refuge
Blood, blood everywhere

The people now, are a prey
In the hunter’s cage
To be run down
On daily basis
Like a song
Of one track playing
“They have abused again
And still abusing the people
In their land

“O! No! Don’t say this”,
I heard no cry
Because crying has been
And still on

Please, don’t ask
When did it start
Because, it started long ago
And still on

Now, if one loves smiling faces
Cherishes happiness
Values lives;
Then, Condemn the evil
To stop the cries
To stop the agony
To stop the abuse;
Hate the act
Put hands and voices
To mine
And support the move
To loose the cruel image
To walk down the road
To rescue the people
To restore hope and life
To the land of Biafra
Land of the rising sun

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia
For IPOB writers.



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