13th September 2017 / 06:10

Biafra: Situation Reports From Biafra Land

Currently, the Nigerian military has declared a state of emergency in Abia State with the help and shield of murderous governor Okezie Ikpeazu. Curfew has been declared and no living thing is expected to move around the state from 6am to 6pm.

The Nigerian military has given shield to the Hausa's living in Biafra land, while Biafrans are used for testing equipment. A confirmed reports stated that uncountable number of Biafrans were shot at various army check points. Eyewitnesses has confirmed that twenty Biafrans were shot dead by the Nigerian army.

Severe punishments were given to some who managed to escape the bullets. This is the worst crime against humanity.

Proper investigation carried out by our team states that, Biafrans who were heading to Umuahia from Imo state were stopped and ransacked by the men of Nigeria military at Abia Tower Umuahia check point. Some Biafrans materials were found among them, and they were shot dead. Some who managed to run into a close hotel premises were not left out as they were also shot dead by the Nigerian army who forcefully invaded the hotel.

A mosque at Ikot-Ekpene road Umuahia is under heavy security maintenance. Armed Nigerian soldiers has mounted at the premises to protect the sophisticated weapons stalled in the mosque.

IPOB Members who were tortured by Nigerian Army while they were heading to Nnamdi Kanu's house

Well investigated fact proves that the Nigerian army has been ordered to lay ambush in the home of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's house tonight.

Further information has it that more Nigerian military men have been moved to Abia State.

We are calling on the world to be a witness. This is because the Nigerian government are at this time determined to wash off Biafrans from the surface of the earth. We are also reminding the world that we as a people have committed no other crime other than seeking for a place to call our home.

Self determination has not been defined as a crime, in other words, until then, we are not relenting. We urge all Biafrans to start making ways to Afara Ukwu, the home of our leader, because there is serious treats on the life of our leader and the lives of our Biafrans.

This report is coming from Umuchiukwu Writers media crews on ground. We shall be updating you, as things unveils.

Published By IPOB Writers



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