10 September 2017 / 05:40 PM

Biafra: Nigeria's Security Roadblocks Meant For Extorting Biafrans, On Referendum We Stand

Recall that Biafrans have requested for a date for a referendum to determine their stay in Nigeria for quite some time now, but the federal government of Nigeria led by Muhammadu Buhari has turned deaf ears to this request that will make Biafrans to secede peacefully from Nigeria.

IPOB all over the world hereby calls on UN, EU, AU, and ECOWAS to support the move for Biafra referendum to avert another civil war in Nigeria.

With a referendum, peace can be attained, brother nation can be maintained, and many lives can be saved. This call to support Biafra referendum is crucial, now that Biafrans are at the risk of experiencing another genocide by the Nigerian government through her agents: the police, Army, Navy and Road Safety. These forces are being deployed in Biafra land on a daily basis as if war is going on there. Day by day, Biafrans are being killed, accused and abused by these forces that have turned Biafra land into money making area. They extort money from Biafrans on a daily basis to the extent that each commercial vehicle, as well as some private vehicle that passes the Police, Army or Road safety roadblocks, must pay some stipulated amount before going their daily activities.

These forces extorting road-users are mainly from Northern Nigeria while Biafrans in Nigeria forces are deployed to the forest to combat with Boko Haram that kills and throws their bodies in the bush. Any Biafran that attempts to ask questions, would be accused and prosecuted as a criminal.
The same accusation and prosecution suffered by the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB and the director of Radio Biafra London, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who left the comfort of his home and work in U.K, to speak and agitate for self-determination of Biafrans to be free from the terrible state they are in Nigeria.

Kanu was arrested in Nigeria on his way back from London to his home town Umuahia, alongside his men on 14th of October, 2015 by the Nigeria government agent, DSS. The Activist and his men were accused of committing a treasonable felony and were locked down in the prison for almost two years before the court granted only Kanu bail on health issues with stringent bail conditions after the Nigeria government had flouted two court orders to release him. Though the activist met his bail conditions, the court still keeps his men in detention.

The above human right violation is happening in Nigeria, in a democratic government, led by Muhammadu Buhari; where one section of the people in the country - Biafrans - are enslaved by others, allowing them no rights to freedom of speech, self –determination or right to religion.

It is heartbreaking that at this point, Biafrans are still suffering the same rejection, neglect from the Nigeria government since after the war despite the speech of the then head of state, General Yakubu Jack Gowon, who stated that the war ended on “No Victor, No Vanquished”, which was meant to enslave Biafrans in a modern way because since the war ended, no Biafran is seen worthy to be the Nigeria's president, no Biafran roads are worthy to be constructed by Julius Berger, the Nigerian government contractor that handled and handles all the road constructions in northern and western Nigeria, in spite of the fact that the money and resource are from Biafra land.

Thus, it is high time the above rejection, subjection, and suppression of Biafrans by the Nigeria northern government stopped. Biafrans are calling on the international bodies, the human rights regulatory bodies, lovers of freedom and those who have the interest to rescue the oppressed, to come to the aid of Biafrans and support the call for a referendum for a peaceful secession from Nigeria to avoid more bloodshed in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia.
IPOB Writers


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