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Biafra: Implications Of Going Against Int’l Community's Stand On Terrorism Issues

Biafra Match/Visit @ European Union

International communities have rejected the proscription of IPOB & and the “terrorist status” given to it by Nigerian government. The rejection came on board when the agents of darkness were still rejoicing over what they called ‘the defeat of IPOB’.

The EU and United States of America warned Nigerian government to jettison the way with which it handles peaceful agitations.

Recall that the spokesman for the American Embassy in Nigeria, Russell Brooks, on 24th September maintained that IPOB is not seen under US laws as a terrorist organisation.

Also, the president of the EU commission Mr Jean-Claude Junkers on the other hand openly condemned Nigerian government in statement and as well warned the Nigerian security personnel against their ill hearted and unprofessionalism in handling democratic issues and the rights of the people:

“It is the people’s right to agitate and make a request from their government, self-determination is a right enshrined in the United Nations Charter. The people of BIAFRA have every right to request for a referendum, they have been in this struggle for a while now but they have never killed or shot a bullet instead they are the victims of attacks and murder. The entire EU hereby condemn the brutal attack on IPOB members and leadership under the pretentious disguise of a military exercise (Operation Python Dance) Nigerian military is warned to adopt democratic tenets in handling citizens. The EU will not sit and watch things go undemocratic in the largest economy of the West African region”

If at this juncture the protagonist of Nigerian contraption can not see the reshaping of world politics and human rights strength, then there is need to ascertain the psychological state of their whole very self.

The world has moved from accommodating tyrants to pro democracy. The silence of international community on Biafra matters might have deceived Nigerian government that it would be business as usual but to their own surprise, the world is talking now.

What would be the implication of disobeying the international Community's stand on IPOB?

First, Nigerian government would be seen as tyrannical regime. US and EU will see another potential North Korea in West Africa. They will see Nigeria as a potential threat to world peace and stability. Though Nigerian government has been perceived as autocratic, it'll be solidified now.

Secondly, arm embargo will be placed on Nigerian government. Every military hardware the Nigerian military use to kill peaceful Biafrans will be no more.

Thirdly, the international aid gotten from US and EU will be no more for it is said “he who pays the piper dictates its tune”.

Honestly, I was disappointed when I asked a ‘One Nigerianist’ if the sovereignty of a country is absolute? He was jumping from pillar to post without making any point.

I then asked him again: “Is Nigeria's sovereignty absolute and if “yes” why was one part (Bakassi Peninsula) of Nigeria ceded to Cameroon?”

Ignorance and hatred have beclouded the sense of reasoning of some Nigerians. It should be noted that no country's sovereignty is absolute. Just like power, there's no absolute power in democracy because that power must be drawn from the people.

The influence of US and EU in United Nations can not be overemphasised. The Nigerian government has shot itself in the leg. These two powerful powers can dismantle illegal Nigeria in a twinkle of an eye.

There is no amount of damage-control that can salvage Nigeria from exploding. World elites are seeing new opportunities in different angles, time shall tell what the permutations will look like.

If UK and other interest countries can do business directly with Biafran government without much issues, then what is their gain supporting barren Nigeria and wasting innocent lives?

Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, remains peaceful. We are a people and Nigerian government doesn't have right to tag a whole nation as “terrorist”.

My appreciation to US government and its allies is 'Biafra will be a friend of US'. EU has also demonstrated act of humanity and statesmanship, the gesture will be reciprocated.

IPOB or Biafra is not the problem of Nigeria, rather Nigeria is a problem to Nigerians, Africa and the world at large.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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