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Biafra: Governor “Devil” Umahi of Ebonyi State, The Leader Of Incompetent Leaders

Governor Umahi, Ebonyi State Governor

Permit me to be a little bit blunt unlike my previous articles. There's a saying that says “when you are leading and nobody is following, then you are taking a walk”.

The leader of south-east governors forum, “Devil” Umahi is the most pathetic leader I have ever seen in my life. His views are in contradiction with modern day governance. The way he addresses issues does much harm than good.

There was a very unfortunately verified statement credited to him (Dave Umahi) in Ishielu Local government area of Ebonyi State during a celebration of the state’s peace day. The incompetent governor was quoted saying: “I will ask for the Youths Empowerment to open a register where some of these youths who were misled into joining this group (IPOB) will come and enter their names. By my words, we must rehabilitate them into meaningful venture in Ebonyi state. On the issue of proscribing IPOB, people were sending us text messages, some were commending us, some were condemning us, and some were praising us while some abused us.”

It is crystal clear that if rehabilitation is something to think about, then the people who needed it most are south-east governors. Their inhumane policies that are punishing the people is enough to engage leadership rehab center.

If “Devil” Umahi and his cronies have been up and doing, there wouldn't be much agitations in southeast. Their leadership failure created a vacuum which must be filled with something either positive or negative.

It is unfortunate for Umahi and his governors gang to think that IPOB is about association. The governors themselves are indirectly Indigenous Biafrans. It's lack of understanding and love of wealth that made them to sell their birthright to Gambari Hausa-fulani.

The Indigenous People of Biafra are made up of all indigenes of Biafra territory otherwise known as Biafran land. The leadership of IPOB only brought these people together for easy articulation of a common goal which is restoration of Biafra Republic.

It is avoidably mistaken for anyone to think that IPOB is about an association. I'm a member of IPOB, then where's my membership card? None! We are a people who came together through family meetings to chart a genuine interest for ourselves.

The above explanation is what these governors failed to understand. They thought IPOB is all about Nnamdi Kanu and therefore he must be killed by all means.

Governor “Devil” Umahi and his goons should first of all rehabilitate themselves, stop embezzling public funds, stop forcing our university girls to prostitution, stop anti-people projects they mischievously embark upon.

When they do all the things listed above, then they can think of rehabilitating IPOB if there would be need for that. But for now the Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB is very strong with competent leadership.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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