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What You Must Know About The "NO ELECTION ORDER"

This message is to our Biafran brothers who are not in support of the "No Election Order" in Anambra state.

First, you need to understand that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB under him are freedom fighters, freedom fighters fight using the weapon of civic protests, the most common one being peaceful street protests and rallies. But the peaceful street protests have claimed hundreds of Biafran lives under Buhari and still claiming because that is what is obtainable in a country like Nigeria.

Therefore, in resolution to the fight for the restoration of Biafra and in total commitment to preserving the lives of Biafrans, we resolved to go by other means of protests besides writing to international communities, to get our voice, grievances and quest heard, felt, and considered by the world.

We started with the "Sit At Home Order" which worked perfectly and yielded the desired results in our fight for freedom. Now, in continuation of the civic approach to the matter as we must not get violent or physical if we must gain the support of the international community, we have declared that there will be no election in any part of Biafra land starting with Anambra state - this will serve to buttress the point that we are no longer willing to be part of Nigeria and as such have refused to partake in her civic duties and political processes. This will explain better than words that we want a referendum. It will further announce our unity which has been in question.

If you are Igbo and you are against the No Election Order, it can only be as a result of one of the three reasons below:

 1.) You didn't know all that I wrote above but now you've come to terms with the truth.
2.) You are threatened by Nnamdi Kanu's intelligence, leadership qualities, and prowess, thus you prefer to stand at the position of a critic of intelligent moves which portrays your dumbness.
3.) You have no mind of your own, and probably just buying into an opinion you picked from one of the two persons above.

If you say you do not want to be a part of a group yet you partake in all the activities of that group, how serious do you expect people to take you? Nnamdi Kanu is an intelligent and courageous leader, the most intelligent that we've seen spring from Biafra land in a long while and it's high time we trusted his decisions if we must get Biafra.

By Ken Pat
Published by Jonas Rafeal


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